Almondy (Perfume Thoughts: Gris Charnel, BDK Parfums)

When I was last at Luckyscent, I saw this new perfume niche house called BDK Parfums. It is based in France, at the Palais Royal in Paris and I knew I just had to check it out. It must be good if it can stand along Serrge Lutens, among many prestigious brands. Apparently, the most popular of the line is Gris Charnel. Look at the copy to describe it:

Quai Saint-Bernard, near the Jardin des Plantes, the first couples arrive at the Tino-Rossi garden. As the night falls, the number of dancers increases and the bleachers fill up. Under the silver moon and the lights of the tourist barges that criss-cross the quay a few meters away, the bodies mingle to the rhythm of the music. It is then that two glances cross paths. A discreet invitation brings them to the center of the track. As if they were carried away, they dance in the heat of the night. From this hand-to-hand seduction punctuated by knowing smiles, they end up slipping away to give free flow to more carnal desires. In the early morning, the sheets give off a scent of sleepless nights, mischievous and lascivious embraces.

Doesn’t it make it sound so interesting?

It is, and it’s a well-done perfume. It’s so well-blended that no big note comes out in the beginning, although I could sense a black tea base. I think there’s some fig in the beginning but I struggle to get it. I do get a calming cardamom there, and a woodsy heart. The base is a soothing sandalwood/tonka bean blend and I sense some vanilla. But it’s not gourmandy, this scent smells like a perfume. While reading about it, I saw someone describe this as smelling like toasted almonds, and now I can’t get that out of my head. This skews more cold-weather and masculine than anything else, but maybe that’s my body chemistry as well.

I do like it a lot, and when I first sprayed loved it even more. As the day wore on, I realize I admire it more. If I were in a place where it’s mostly cold, I probably would like it more.

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