Dating Sport (Television Thoughts: Dating #nofilter, E!)

I just discovered, via Hulu, this new ‘dating’ show. Well, it’s sort of a dating shoe, but it probably is more of a comedy. A bunch of comedians watch couple go on blind dates, and well, do I even have to spell out the endless hilarious possibilities that can ensue if you make that a television show. Look, an eternally single person like me can relate. It’s tough out there, and sometimes you just have to laugh it off. On the first episode I saw, a materialistic young woman is so clueless that she doesn’t even realize how stupid she sounds (and looks) on national television. And a gay blind date gone wrong is one of the most hilarious and cringe-worthy things I have ever watched. I am digging this shpow immensely – watch it get cancelled since I love it so much.

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