In Swedish Harmony (Music Thoughts: Jazz It Up and Move, The Hebbe Sisters)

The Hebbe Sisters is a swedish musical group consisting of real sisters: Emelie, Josefine and Maria, all from the town of Varmland. ‘Jazz it Up and Move’ is their third album, a tribute to big band songs of the 40s and 50s. I’ve never heard of them before, and they are a fine musical group, reminiscent of other sister groups, The Andrews and The Boswells. The record is nice enough, with authentic-sounding arrangements, and their harmonies are pretty tight. But to be honest, I have heard all of this before, and even though the aren’t out to reinvent the wheel, this particular wheel is well worn and have been in use for a while now. I found my mind wandering after a while and losing interest. And can there be a market for this now? These records have already been recorded, and I don’t know why it still needs to be redone exactly the same way.

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