Part Of The Pack (Book Thoughts: Brat: an ’80s story, Andrew McCarthy)

When I was a college Freshman, I had an English class where we had to turn in an essay once a week, and it could be about any topic. I remember one time I did not know what to write about, so I wrote a ‘review’ of a film I saw over that weekend, ‘Pretty in Pink.’ I remember gushing about it, as I had enjoyed the film immensely. After I submitted the paper, I was called in by my professor, and he told me that I should explore writing about films, but I should also look at art with a somewhat ‘critical’ eye, and also write about things I do not like or agree with.

I just remember this anecdote as I write about ‘brat: an ’80s story,’ which is Andrew McCarthy’s memoir about his experience in the 80s. That film is what catapulted him to stardom. In the book, he writes about his experience shooting the film and had some great anecdotes: how Molly Ringwald was instrumental in getting him hired as her leading man yet they really did not have a close relationship while making the film. He also says he never really read the script until he was ready to shoot, and was right about how his character was portrayed (they had to do reshoots to rectify that)

The book is certainly well-written, but I still think he still held back some. He was forthcoming about his struggles with alcoholism, but we only get small bits about his bouts with cocaine and Xanax addictions. All in all, this is a much entertaining read, especially for someone who is a fan, like myself. I would have liked more on what happened next, and how he became a travel writer, and I am betting there’s a sequel tot his book.

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