In The Name Of The Father (Book Thoughts:

I really thought Jonathan Parks-Ramage’s ‘Yes Daddy’ was one fo those fun frothy summer reads. I knew nothing about it beforehand except for the fact that it had a gay protagonist. And the beginning of the book kind of felt that way. It turns out this book is a modern gothic thriller. That genre is normally not my cup of tea but I found the book very interesting, and as a natter of fact couldn’t stop reading it till the end – I finished it in three sittings. This book takes you to a wild journey and is totally unpredictable. You think it is going some place but takes a left turn somewhere. There were times I felt infuriated with Jonah, the main character/narrator b uty that even made the book more engrossing for me. I have to say that thsi is pretty well-written and is an auspicious debut novel from Mr. Parks-Ramage. I bet it becomes a summer hit.

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