Leaving Me Here On My Own (Series Thoughts: Cruel Summer, S01 E01, Hulu)

I started watching ‘Cruel Summer’ on Hulu because, I have to be honest, of Froy Guttierez, who is cute, and also allegedly the boyfriend of actor Richard Madden. But after watching the first episode, I am hooked on it. It’s a very interesting story, about three years in the life of Jeanette (Chiara Arelia) Basically, in a span of three years (separated by her birthdays by the years 1993, 1994, 1995) she gets transformed from a geeky young girl on the first year to someone with a court case by the third. There are holes to be filled in the story, but from what we can gather, she sees a classmate and her boyfriend kissing, and by the end, we see her being accused by the same girl of ‘taking over’ her life.

It’s a mystery and a drama for sure, and the cast is appealing enough and there seems to be enough layers in the story to keep me interested.

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