Irish Eyes (Movie Thoughts: finding You)

Brian Baugh’s ‘Finding You’ has a very cute trailer, and I am a sucker for rom coms so I got sucked into watching it. It’s not a bad film – surely I have seen worse – but it is also not that inspired. I know some people have called this as the ‘millennial Nothing Hill’ but it just doesn’t have the charm and star power of that.

The story is also a bit…dated, focusing on an actor who is ‘trapped’ in a situation where he pretends to be in love with his leading lady. That premise is a little bit last millennium, to be honest. I don’t think that kind of situation will realistically exist.

The film plays out exactly how you would think it would play, although its two hour running time can probably be trimmed a bit. Jedediah Goodacre, the male lead, plays his role like a little bit like a wet noodle but I guess that’s fine since the film is set in Ireland and it always rains there. On a nice summer day, the film could be a bit of a refresher, but you will forget it right way.

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