Die Another Day (Movie Thoughts: Four Good Days)

Fresh from Glenn Closes’s another Oscar defeat comes ‘Four Good Days,’ which is another bait-y role for her. I don’t know why the Academy just won’t let her win as she certainly deserves one for her body of work (I thought she was very good in ‘The Wife’ and should have won for that) Yes, I know that sometimes she can be on the over-acting side. But then again they gave one to Al Pacino, and he is the poster child for that, so…

Anyway, I liked this film. It veers more towards a PSA, After School special, and is a little on the soapy overwrought side but both Close and Mila Kunis, who plays her drug addicted daughter, are believable enough to sell the story. It shows addiction as an ongoing process, and something that can not be solved quickly. I have to say that the story can sometimes be exhausting, but maybe that’s the point. That’s how you would feel if you were in that situation. As a film, though, it’s okay but probably not something you want to see over and over.

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