Lush Lilac (Perfume Thoughts: A Drop d’issey, Issey Miyake)

I was randomly reading about Issey Miyake’s new fragrance, A drop d’issey and the article mentioned that the scent reminded them of Olivia Giacobetti’s En Passant, and that suddenly caught my attention. En Passant is easily one of my favorite perfumes of all time so I know I would like anything that is a shadow of it. Well, I love this, and I may have to break my no-buy pledge for a full bottle. This is a beautiful summer floral, featuring a watery lilac note. There aren’t a lot of lilac scents out there, and this one is particularly well-done, like a bright water color painting. I can see why people are comparing it to En Passant, and while both share a lilac accord, Giacobetti’s masterpiece is more artsy and contemplative. This scent is brighter, cheerier, and yes, a more commercial version of the same idea. There is nothing wrong with either, and each has a specific place in my wardrobe.  A drop d’issey is a summer coolant that will invigorate and refresh.

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