The Devil Wears Animal (Movie Thoughts: Cruella)

Even though I wanted to see it, I was a little skeptical about ‘Cruella.’ I thought to myself: will it be too Disney, too commercial, too not my genre? It’s an origin movie, but I feel it will also be sleek and too shiny for me. When someone said the movie reminded them of ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ though, that was reason enough for me to want to check it out despite my reservations.

Well, i was kind of right. The film was a little too much on the action/fantasy formula for me. The story kind of bored me, as it gelt very familiar and predictable. There were some elements I liked – that little bit reminiscent of ‘All About Eve’ and, yes, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ but that part was a little on hte thin side for me and wasn’t enough to keep my over all interest.

As for the Emmas, I liked Thompson just a tiny bit more than Stone. But both characters were not three dimensional enough for me, though both actresses took the time and effort to give them depth.

All in all, the film is pretty to look at, bur just a bit too hollow for my taste.

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