For Porter Only (Series Thoughts: Pose S03 E01 E02, FX)

I know it has been getting rave reviews everywhere, but call me the dissenting voice on the third season of ‘Pose.’ I just finished watching the first two episodes of this season…and I kind of don’t like it. The show has zoomed now to 1994, and it’s a year I know only too well. OJ Simpson is on the news, but it seemed to be that it’s the same old thing over at the house of Evangelistas. The shows are still going on, and Pray Tell is still front and center, and that’s not good for me. I find Billy Porter’s acting insufferable, and the situation is even worse, because Porter is out for blood – he desperately wants that Emmy and he is chewing every piece of scenery to get it. There’s no subtlety there, and for me, it is such a turn off. I don’t really know if I could stomach to watch the rest of the season.

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