After All These Years (Movie Thoughts: See You Then)

I am starting off my Pride Month with Mari walker’s ‘See You Then,’ an intimate film between two ex-lovers seeing each other. The twist? One has transitioned. In a course of an evening, we see them reconnect, try to hash out unresolved issues, and get some kind of closure. Or not?

The screenplay, co written by Walker and Kristin Uno is a little awkward, a little insightful, and all heart. You feel like they are asking questions that you want to ask yourself, which can sometimes be uncomfortable, but necessary. Even though the film takes place in one evening, it feels cinematic enough, and never feels claustrophobic (the cinematographer gives it a specific feel) Lynn Chen and Pooya Mohseni play the ex-lovers, and you can sense the familiarity between the two characters. the film can be a little eye-opening experience to those unfamiliar with trans people. I hope the right eyes get to see this.

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