Ordinary Indeed (Music Thoughts: No Ordinary Love: The Music of Sade, Bill Kwan)

Bill Kwan is a doctor by trade and discovered his love of music and decided to pursue a career in singing, recording his own versions of pop songs and jazzifying them. His latest target is the music of Sade (the singer and band) and the result is ‘No Ordinary Love.’

Look. I really tried to like this. Sade’s music is so specific in production, arrangement. Her phrasing is so distinctly hers, and creates such a mood that only she can do. I did not hear anything original in kwan’s album, which to my ears is an inferior retread of everything Sade. Why bother? If it was successful in anything, it would be to further highlight Sade’s excellence. I wanted to (and did) listen to the original versions… and everything felt better.

Go back to saving lives, Bill.

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