Up On The Roof (Movie Thoughts: Made In Rooftop)

It seems like Koreans are making strides everywhere – music, fashion, movies. I mean, they even won a Best Picture Oscar. So when I had a chance to watch a gay film, ‘Made in Rooftop,’ I jumped at the chance. A lot of people described this film as fun and charming, so I went in with high expectations. It is directed by Kim Joo-Kwang Soo, who is openly gay.

It’s a cute movie, but kind of ordinary. I liked the character of Bongsik (Ji Cheong-shin) who is kind of a Gen Z free-spirit, one of those social media influencers who make a living off just being who they are. The plot is pretty run-of-the-mill, though the change of tones can be a bit jarring. I also thought there wasn’t much balance in the two stories. The whole film is entertaining enough. If for anything, it gave me a little glimpse of gay life in South Korea, and I really appreciated that.

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