His Characters (Music Thoughts: Plays With Music, Brian Stokes Mitchell)

There’s no question that Brian Stokes Mitchell is one of Broadway’s modern leading men, so an album of theater songs would always be welcome from him. His 2019 album, ‘Plays with Music’ is even more welcome than usual because in this collection, he envisions each song as plays in themselves, making each song character pieces with story arcs. And this is a great collection of great theater songs like ‘I Won’t Send Roses,’ from ‘Mack and Mabel,’ and ‘If Ever I Would Leave You,’ from Camelot. He does great justice to these songs, and even throws in an obscure piece or two, like ‘Gesticulate’ from ‘Kismet. ‘ As characters, you really have to let your imaginations wander, as the arrangements are on the generic side (though they are well done)

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