Mother Molly (Movie Thoughts: Milkwater)

Who knew, that i a span of a couple of months that I would have two favorite movies about…surrogacy? Morgan Ingary’s ‘Milkwater’ is a queer flavored take on surrogacy and it is one of those small quirky films you used to be find on Netflix until you couldn’t anymore. So of course, something like this will eventually show up on … Netflix. It stars Molly Bernard (so good in ‘Younger) as a young woman who agrees to be a surrogate for a gay man in his fifties. Why? It’s no entirely clear but not matter, we are just there for the wild ride. Bernard is just so wise and funny that she makes everything so amiable and acceptable, and the film is instantly funny and adorable because of her. Even when her character goes into shaky territory you feel compelled to never leave her side.

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