Profoundly (Perfume Thoughts: Profondo Acqua di Gio, Gorgio Armani)

Profondo is a flanker to the original Acqua di Gio men’s perfume, and for those who love the original, it’s probably going to be a treat because this is supposed to be somewhat a reinvention of the original scent, but with more green notes instead of aquatic ones. For me, it smells exactly the same. Granted, I am not an expert of the original version, but I don’t detect any difference here. If for anything, I found this version to be weak – the longevity isn’t as heavy from what I remember from the original.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater of this scent. I actually think it is well done and of course, many have tried to imitate it. It’s just too boring for me, and if I had not received a free sample in the mail, I don’t think I would have actively searched to try this. You have smelled this before, and you have smelled it a million times already. I am just contributing to the noise. 

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