Sugar Sweet Shower (Beauty Thoughts: Pink Velvet Cupcake, Bath & Body Works)

517xdJDlpeL._AC_UL320_SR238,320_When is sweet just too sweet? Look, I love Bath & Body Work shower gels but I get very picky now when it gets to their scents. I steer towards the floral (maybe aquatic) but the gourmands are just so sugary. Case in point: Pink Velvet Cupcake. It’s just sugar dough on a gel. The gel quality is luxurious but the smell will give anyone a diabetic attack. I got it because I need a good Monday scent, but I think I will use this very often so I finish it soon.

A Citrus Refresh (Beauty Thoughts: Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin Shower Gel)

31sLtQcoY7LI now have this fascination with shower gels. And I like them all – high and low. Someone gifted me a Jo Malone shower gel a while back and I just got. around to using it – it’s the Lime, Basil, and Mandarin scent, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The consistency of the gel is just right  – it’s not too thin – and the scent is faint and light, but lingering. In warmer weather days like right now, it the citrus feels just right, cooling you in the most luxurious way. I have the scent, of course, and layered with this, gives you a fuller experience. I love the lifestyle!

Blooming (Beauty Thoughts:Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner)

_57.jpg.750x750_q85ss0_progressiveTalk about a cheap effective thrill.  I am addicted to Trade Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner. I have been using a very similar one from Mario Badescu’s line, and at 4 bucks a pop, this is as great. Actually, the practical Virgo in me thinks this is even better. It is refreshing and of course the rose scented water is very appealing to me, as I like anything and everything rose. In the winter, this is great to moisturize dry patches in the face, and in the summertime it balances skint ones. I think everyone should have this in their office desks, and I like spraying this on my face before leaving the house – to seal t=my face from impurities. This is a must!

Moisture In (Beauty Review: Trader Joe Nourish Oil-Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer)

713kvu4ayslWhen I first moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t have my battery of beauty products with me just yet and on my first day, I actually had to buy a facial moisturizer. I was going to get a drug store brand then realized I could do one better – Trader Joe. So I purchased a 6 oz huge bottle of the Nourish Oil Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. And it is great – a real good ‘bang for the buck’ kind of purchase. It is not too thin in texture that it feels like nothing, and it is not of that cloying heavy consistency that makes one break out. And, it is oil-free so it did not feel cakey once I put it on.  The pump is perfect for an -on-the-go application, and it’s perfect for when I am rushing in the morning.  I mean, it’s not La Mer, but I have done worse paying for much more.