Tropical Nights (Perfume Thoughts: Tropical Cherimoya, Jo Malone)

o.54001Here we are, already in the middle of summer. I have been craving my citrus fragrances, my colognes, but of course, most of my perfumes are still in storage, and maybe I am drawn to lighter scents because I am finding a lot of what I have out are heavier (probably because I moved in wintertime)  But today I am wearing Jo Malone’s ‘Tropical Cherimoya’ and I am happy.

But should I be? Even though I am loving this right now, I am realizing it’s really not that great of a scent. It’s your typical fruity floral – this one is just a generic pear, and there is some sour apple here somewhere, and the notes say passion flower, but on my skin it’s all fruit. I really do not know how a cherimoya smells, to be honest, but I don’t think a photo-realistic scent is what the Malone house is aiming for here. But as I said, for some strange reason, this is satisfying my current craving. I wish it had a more coconut-y or sun tan lotion feel, but the tonaka bean base is ok enough, I guess. So – kinda boring, but for now, satisfying.

Pretty Powder (Perfume Thoughts: Wildfox)

375x500.31759A while back, I bought ‘Wildfox’ on a whim because I tried it, and I was in that kind of shopping mood, and thought it was worth the impulse purchase. So of course, the box was left unopened for months before I used the perfume. I know nothing about Wildfox but I have since learned that it is a Los Angeles based clothing line. SO I guess it must be fitting that here I am now, living in Los Angeles, and I am wearing the scent.

It’s been very hot and humid lately, so I wanted something light and fresh to wear. I remember this was a fruity floral so I said, yeah good enough. And the initial burst of peach and apricot is nice enough. The floral part is not as well defined for me. I see in the notes that it is camelia, honeysuckle and jasmine, but I just get a generic floral blend, not unlike a shampoo accord. It’s fine and inoffensive if somewhat boring. It all dries down to a nice powdery floral, and really appropriate on a Summer day like today. I was reading a review of this that compared it to the 90’s scent Coty Exclamation (which I loved) and it is an apt comparison. All in all a nice powdery fruity floral – nothing more and nothing less. It isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Untangled Liaison (Perfume Thoughts: Liaisons Dangereuses, By Killian)

375x500.4321I have been obsessed with coconut-smelling things lately, and perhaps because I now live where there’s more humidity. (my favorite line nowadays: ‘I lived in the desert for years I thought my body forgot how to sweat’)  So I was so happy when I realized I had samples of By Killian’s Liaisons Dangereuses in my stash of samples. I remember trying this years ago when it first came out (I was still living in New York then) and loving it, but of course, By Killian prices.

But now that I have reunited with it, I love it more – the fruit jam opening (peaches, black currant, plum) mixed with the summery coconut – at this point of my life, it just makes more sense for me. I was walking under the summer sun and it just bloomed in my skin in the best possible way. And surely, this could have gone all wrong – sour, rotten-y – but it just agreed with my skin . Mixed with the florals, it just became a big fruity-floral bouquet. And it stayed that way for a long time, before the )admittedly) boring musky drydown. But I will take it as it is. Sometimes the chemistry is just right.

Little Green Apples In The Summertime (Perfume Thoughts: Aventus For Her, Creed)

375x500.38497I realize that I had never written about Creed’s Aventus for Men. I guess because I have this aversion towards it – it is extremely popular and for me, it is like talking about ‘Star Wars:’ I just do not want to join the conversation. I had been given a nice sample of Aventus for Her when it first came out, and I never used it. Well, now that I am going through my samples, I said I might as well. I know it’s a fruity floral, and I thought why not wear it on a California Summer Day?

Well, my thoughts go two ways. On one hand, this is a nice commercial fruity floral – the green apple/peach combo is a crowd-pleaser, and mixed with the rose and woody musks, it is blended well that it wears well, and I find myself smelling myself and smiling. On a nice warm day, this can certainly put a smile on my face. But, this is Creed, and should a Creed fragrance something more? I mean, the price points are just insane at this point. A 16 oz bottle costs a thousand dollars ! I certainly would never buy this because I am just not moneyed enough for it, and it doesn’t excite me.  It acts and feels like a nice department store fruity floral, and I bet the quality is a little better, but I think what you are paying for here is the prestige of the house, and the bragging rights of wearing Creed. So pardon me if I pass.

Still Orange Flowers (Perfume Thoughts, APOM Pour Homme, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris)

375x500.6806I was interested in trying Francis Kurkdjian’s APOM Pour Homme because from what I have been reading, it is very similar to Kurkdjian’s Fleur de Male, which I think is his masterpiece. I love orange flower as a note, so it has to be a win-win situation whether it is or not. And when I spritzed this, that very familiar orange flower note welcomes – it really is his signature note, isn’t it?

The blast is pretty strong, and it is mixed with some woods (I am being told it is cedar) and then, on my skin, it just stays that way. On this warm day, it really does not turn powdery. On me, it is quite linear. I mean, it’s beautiful. but it really does not do anything else. Perhaps it is the heat and humidity that is making it act this way. Yes, I do like it, but with Maison Francis Kurkdjian price points, is it asking too much for it to do more?

Oh My Love Is Red Red Red (Perfume Thoughts: Graine de Joie, Eau D’Italie)

375x500.24702I believe in the feng shui of wearing red on Mondays, and that extends to my scent – I always wear something from a red bottle and/or red juice. So I am always on the lookout for red-centric scents. I saw a sample of Eau d’Italie’s Graine de Joie from my stash and loved it instantly, and then I realized that it had a red bottle, so I was doubly excited. Plus, it smalls so ‘red.’ I get berries and pomegranate, and this is a nice juicy pomegranate with just the right amount of bitterness to not make it smell too sweet. The top has some fizz, akin to boozy champagne, and really, this perfume just makes me smile, and puts me in a great mood. I would imagine wearing this first thing Monday morning and it would immediately put me in a good mood. So, yeah, this goes directly on top of my want list. (And yes, I am writing this on the first day of the month so I am excited)

The Russian Collusion (Perfume Thoughts: Aleksandr, Arquiste)

375x500.14376I remember when the Arquiste line first came out, I was still living in New York then, and it was heavily hyped at Aedes, where I used to go all the time. I know I bought one, ‘Flor y Canto,’  and loved it. I have had a lot of samples over the years, and have been too ‘scared’ to try them for fear I will want them right away. So as I rummage through my bin, I am chancing upon some of the scents from the line.

Today I am wearing ‘Aleksandr,’ and this was one is based/inspired by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. I know that they probably have an explanation somewhere on how the two are related. To me, though, the big note here is violet, the dry almost gin-like kind. It skews quite masculine for me, but that may also be because I associate violet with more masculine scents. There is a leather note here that gives it a little heaviness and neroli to balance that. This is a well-balanced perfume, and is very timid. I don’t get a lot of projection (And I put a lot on) but every now and then I sniff it when I move my hands. All in all, a nice scent but probably not full-bottle worthy for me because of its price. I can probably get something similar for a lot less.