Please Give Billy An Award (Television Thoughts: Pose, S02 E 05 and 06)


I think I was very vocal about the fourth episode of ‘Pose’ on this second season, but I thought episode five was very lackluster, where the show focused on friends auditioning for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour. So the less I say about probably the better (they end up on a reboot of ‘Solid Gold.’)

Episode Six is a little more interesting. Pray Tell, played by Billy Porter, has started taking AZT for hi HIV and ends up in the hospital (it was a very toxic drug) and sure that’s fine. But I bet this will be the episode that will be in his submission tape for the Emmys – because he does *EVERYTHING* here to be noticed. He screams, he hollers, he does the most hysterical acting there is – and he even sings ‘The Man That Got Away’ by the end of the episode. For me, it was a but too much, and I felt like I was watching someone begging for an award – no shades or subtlety in his performance here. I hope it works, but it left me really turned off. At least we also get Patti Lupone singing ‘I’m Still Here’ though the set up is really very out of context. But this Ryan Murphy’s Pose.

I Want Candy (Television Thoughts: Pose S02 E03 E04)


I was going to write about episode three of this season’s Pose, but then I started watching the fourth episode, ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’ and I was blown away by it.  This is by far the best episode this season, and it took saying goodbye to Candy (Angelica Ross) one of the characters. Yes, it’s tears-baiting but they did it so well here. Inevitably, death will have to come to one of the characters, and it came for Candy. But first, it did not beg for your tears – it showed Candy as a complex character, even at times unsympathetic, but that doesn’t mean her life should have been in vain. She was turning tricks to make ends meet, and ended up being slaughtered by her john.  This send a ripple through the family, and showed how this was dealt upon during the times. For example, it showed the all-too-familiar scenario then of LGBTQ people not having their wishes honored – they had to beg the city health employees to claim the body so they can have a proper burial. And the service is bittersweet – with the ‘ghost’ of candy talking to all the mourner, including her parents who decided to show up. It ends in a bang, a musical treat wherein Candy performs for the last time for the balls. By that point, I was an emotional wreck and there wasn’t a dry seat in *my* house.

Candy Crush (Television Thoughts: Pose S02 E02 Wintour Is Coming)


Isn’t this a great picture of Candy? She slayed it as the Mother of the House of Wintour, when she debuted The House if Wintour. I have to remember – was Anna Wintour as high profile and revered in 1992? I keep on thinking that came later, but I am not really certain. But anyway, it made for good drama. Candy crushed.

Int his episode, we also see Patti Lupone’s character get introduced.  She is Ms. Frederica Norman, who I see as kind of a Leona Helmsley type of character, real estate mogulesse, but maybe Frederica is just a tad shadier. She rents Bianca the storefront where she could could operate her own salon, and then we get a trans problem. Frederica doesn’t clock it at first, but her son does, and she tries to rescind the deal, but Bianca starts fighting back. My favorite scene is a tender one between Bianca and Angel where the latter tries to give Bianca fashion and make up tips so she looks more ‘convincing.’

The rest we get some drama, and realizations on how to deal with the AIDS crisis, which would have been in full boil at that time.

Because The Best of Times is Now (Television Thoughts: Younger, S06 E01: The big Day)


I always forget how much I enjoy ‘Younger,’ because I always have a smile on my face whenever I am watching it. The sixth season opener, ‘The Big Day’ is no different. We see a lot of these characters at life-changing moments in their lives. Kelsey is now the CEO, and Liza is of course no longer an assistant, and Charles is no longer with Empirical, his family’s corporation. Oh, and yes Liza and Charles are now together-together, and out in the world for everyone to see it. And Josh is having a baby! All of this have been crammed in the first episode, and it’s all a whirlwind. Almost every major character in thew show makes an appearance: Zane, Lauren, even Michael Urie as the gossipy agent. And if I am not mistaken, this is the second time they have featured the showtunes bar Marie’s Crisis. Sigh, I remember when that place was a great New Yorker’s little secret and look at it now. But, I am at least grateful that they showed everyone singing ‘The Best of Times’ from la Cage Aux Folles.

Really Renee (Television Thoughts: What/If)


I think Renee Zellwegger is swell.  I was just reading an article wherein she says she left the business because fame and all its accouterments started to get to her, and I am glad she was able to settle all of that because she seems to be active again (the Judy Garland biopic starring her is one of this year’s Oscar baits)  And I am glad that I started watching the new Netflix series ‘What/If’ featuring her because she is great in it – she is the cunning manipulative lead/antagonist and she packs a great sophisticated punch here. She plays Anne Montgomery, a mogul/venture capitalist who invests on businesses, and in her she takes an interest on a budding Medical company – but there is more than meets the eye. I have watched the first two episodes and it definitely caught my interest. i can see this is one of those bingeable shows but I think I will eat it up a little slowly, like maybe an episode before going to sleep at night. An added bonus for me is Blake Jenner, the stud muffin center of the piece. They know what he is used here for, as he shows his butt on his very first scene – subtlety is not the word for this series – it is big, bombastic, but not a bore.

Tries Special (Television Thoughts: Special, Netflix)

Poster_for_Netflix's_SpecialI watched the first episode of ‘Special’ on Netflix. I have some thoughts.

  1. I kind of didn’t like it. I know a lot of people love it, and I want to give it another chance, but my overall impression is just kind of meh. I really did not like the main character, Ryan (played by Ryan O ‘Connell, and I am assuming the show is based on his life)  and I thought that the minor characters were all unlikable as well. I thought the action seemed slow, and even though each episode only ran about fifteen minutes long, to me it felt longer – not always a good sign.
  2. But, I have not given up on this. I think maybe the show grows with each watch, and I have read that the situations do get more interesting. And I think this may be one of those shows that could be perfect as the last thing to watch before going to sleep.

To Bond (Television Thoughts: Bonding – first two episodes)

bonding-tv-poster-image0In a course of three days, I have had at least five people recommend the new Netflix series ‘Bonding’ to me. They said it was funny, worthwhile, and above all, easy to binge. At fifteen minutes an episode, it is easy to devour. You can watch the whole first season in less time than watching a Netflix movie. That part I liked. And it is kind of funny, as the series focuses on the friendship between Pete and Tiff (Brendan Scannell and Zoe Levin) She is a dominatrix, he is a neurotic stand up comic. I kind of dislike her character (too much posing for my taste) but think Pete is adorable. Two episodes in, I feel like I have had enough, so I stopped. But I think one of these days I will go back to it.