Easy Spice (Perfume Thoughts: Fou d’Absinthe, L’Artisan Parfumeur)

Photo Aug 23, 7 12 29 PMI don’t have all of L’artisan’s offerings, but I do have a lot. I never did buy Fou d’Absinthe, one of their earlier releases, for whatever reason. Today, I was rummaging through my samples when I saw one and decided, sure.

I regret everything now, for this is a wonderful perfume, so much so that here it is, 2017, and this has not been discontinued yet. That means it has a lot of fun.

Fou d’Absine starts almost weird – cold fuzzy frozen drink. ( They describe it as a steely grip of icy alcohol ) and I ask myself is this the absinthe note? I’ve never really smelled or tasted it)  Then there’s fruit to kind of cut the cold – blackberry.  also smell some herbal blends somewhere there, and so  pine? It’s blended with some spice that doesn’t feel heavy, and I bet, I said that this is a Olivia Gacobetti creation, and sure enough, I looked it up and it is. Instant Love.

Chronicles (Movie Thoughts: Chronically Metropolitan)

Photo Sep 04, 8 54 39 AMI don’t understand the title of this movie but it intrigued me.  Anything that has Mary Louise Parker cannot be bad, right?  But it’s not too bad,  and also not too good. Basically, this is a story about rich people from the Upper East Side, and probably those are also the only people who can relate to the stories here. A young man returns home after leaving his family and friends because same family and friends were shamed by a short story he wrote about them in The New Yorker.

I get it. Films about New Yorkers always interests. I have been on a wistful mood lately, as I face crossroads in my life and think of happier times.  That was only redeeming factor here, as I look at familiar streets and corners in the city where I once lived.

Regarding the film. I really have no interest in these rich privileged people’s problems.

P.S. Still have no clue about the title

The Lady’s In Love With You (Film Thoughts: Lady Macbeth)

f2682c1a30a95dd67c3d32de5c0e56deSet in 1800s countryside of England, ‘Lady Macbeth’ starts out unassuming, but based on the tone, you can sense there is somebody foreboding. There’s horror in the film, and there’ suspense, and in the end there’s a ghost looming.

Florence Pugh is a revelation as Kathrine who is bought as a wife parceled with some land (was she bought with the land, or was the land bought with her?)  But once she is inside the house, you know there is more behind the seemingly innocent lass. She powers through the house and asserts herself. And there’s a whole lot more.

To tell you more would be a betrayal to the film. Needless to say, the film goes on different journeys that will infuriate you.  Some parts of it you will not bear to see. This is the kind of film that will assault your sense. However you will feel about it, I assure you that you will not feel bored. This film is one of my favorites so far this year, and I am positive Pugh will emerge as the name to hear during Awards Season.

Somehow Somewhere (Music Thoughts: Somehow Here Again, Heather Lowder)

coverWhenever I see a theater album sung by a female, I always hold up hope. In older times that’s where I discovered shows. I would hear a song, love it, and then go to the show from where it’s from.

But even though Lowder is a great – even – fantastic singer, this album kind of fails for me. Maybe I am much too old now, but I really couldn’t enjoy this album. First, song selection. It seems too simple, simple choices, like it did not think about the songs they chose for the album. ‘The Winner Takes It All,’ I know is from ‘Mamma Mia,’ but it is from a jukebox musical and it really is a pop song. Lumping it with other theater song gives the song a big disservice. Even the other songs are so uninspired.  She loves singer’s signatures songs: Secret Love, Till there was you. It’s as if she picked every sing cliche and tried run. This just opens comparison with the original singers, and to make matters worse, she should at least change the arrangements. I mean, I don’t think anyone should sing ‘Over The Rainbow,’ full stop.

I need some food, maybe I am just hungry.

Love For Diner (Movie Thoughts: The Food Guide To Love)

Photo Aug 24, 9 28 58 PMNowadays, we don’t really get a lot of simple old-fashioned love stories on screen. So when I find one, I enjoy a lot more than I should. From Ireland and Spain  comes ‘The Food Guide To Love,’ and it was such a random choice. I realized it was from 2013, so it’s old-ish. But the sentiment of the film isn’t. The whole thing seems -well, is – a formula, which has been followed by every  single rom-com ever created, But you know what? It works, all because of the wonder chemistry between the two leads (Richard Coyle and Leonora Watling) Oliver and Viviana. Even with the precariousness of the story, you still believe because you actually see and feel how the two of them fall in love. So when the relationship starts to crumble, you get a pinch in your heart. It’s a told as old as time, as they say, and is effective then, now still, and I bet to the next generation. It’s never failed yet.

Here Comes Hiraga (Vintage, Marcia Hiraga)

FolderMarica Hiraga is a Japanese jazz singer whose name I have encountered numerous times over the years. But somehow someway I never really appreciated any of her previous albums before. They all seemed generic, though admittedly I never really gave it a real chance. So what I did was sat down and listened and paid attention to the music.

Voila! This is a delicious little (or maybe big?) album that engaged me. Even i Japanese and with an accent, this album engaged me and I felt Hiraga had total command of the lyrics as she navigated the creative arrangements. I especially loved the take on Cole Porter’s ‘So In Love’ as I felt like she was running to the one she is on love with, which I think matches the feeling of your heart beating as you think of the one you are in love with. And that’s just the highlight. Splendid performance also highlight other tracks like ‘As Time Goes By,’ and the fun ‘Golden Earrings.’

To Smell And Contemplate (Perfume Thoughts: Reapelle-Toi, L’Artisan Perfumeur)

retoiRapelle-Toi was launched in 2014, as part of the Explosion d’Emotion line. I have all of them now, and this one I bought from the line because it did not really speak to me then. But when it came up on one of the discount sites with a price so low you’re stupid if you don’t get it. Besides, I told myself, it would complete my collection if I do.

After purchase thoughts – still not in love with it. It is a very subtle fragrance. It starts with a bang: full of gin and fizz. Then it quiets down to a gardenia – not a blooming one, nut one is fading, and it’s quiet, too quiet for me, for sure. I’ve read it’s a scent that calls for contemplation. But, I have so many things I am contemplating with that I don’t have space anymore.