Smell Me The Sun (Perfume Thoughts: Waterlily Sun, Aerin)

375x500.28361For some reason, I have been attracted lately to solar scents. I have been wearing Jo Malone ‘Frangipani,’ and now that I am starting to unpack my perfume, I have reignited my love for Aerin’s ‘Waterlily Sun.’  I may have written about this before but who cares, I love it now. I think that maybe now that I am in Los Angeles it fits my lifestyle and surroundings better – it’s a blast of green with clear waterlily. It’s sweet on me, for sure, but not cloying and coupled with nice sunny days it just gives a warm summer vibe, and with the sun out, the solar notes really bloom – it is like smelling flower out in the sun. Spraying this makes me smile.

Somewhat Plain Vanilla (Perfume Thoughts, Tangier Vanille, Aerin)

nd.39441I have been exploring the Aerin line, only because one of their releases last year, Mediterranean Honeysuckle, was one of my favorite fragrances of 2016. Tangier Vanille was also released last year, and, in theory, is the perfect companion piece to the honeysuckle. While that one is more ‘girly,’ this one skews more masculine. Basically, Tangier Vanille is vanilla, but it’s a more grown up vanilla, and doesn’t smell like cake or desert.

What I like about it – it’s not a ‘pretty’ scent – it’s a little rough around the edges, and is warm and inviting. It probably works more as a winter scent than anything else. I am wearing it today and it’s on the warmer side outside, so it’s enveloping me in not the best way possible. But I can see pairing it with my candles burning as I Netflix and chill. Actually, a candle version of this (is there one?) sounds divine.

What I don’t like about it? It’s fairly common. I know there is a similar release from Elizabeth & James, though that’s not cheap either. I know the inspiration here is Tangier, which is in Morocco, and I wish there were something else here – something spicy, perhaps a more exotic note. But then again, the Aerin market may not like that. It’s a sanitized, W Hotel view of Tangier, the ones who won’t dare go to the soukh.

All in all, a nice inoffensive scent. For its price point, it’s not special enough for me to go and rush for a full bottle.

O Honeysuckle Night (Perfume Thoughts, Mediterranean Honeysuckle, Aerin)

nd-34585It’s Christmas Eve, and I am not feeling well at all, so I wanted a little perfume pick me up to make me feel a little bit of myself.  So I put on Aerin’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle, which is probably my favorite release of the year, and one I used a lot since I got it as a gift on  my birthday. I have always been a big fan of honeysuckle, but felt it wasn’t as expensive-smelling as some of its counterparts. By pairing honeysuckle with a tart grapefruit here, you get an instant character from the honeysuckle, making it a warm floral, and with ambrox and white musks, even a floriental.  The honeysuckle smells really unique here, and I have gotten numerous compliments while wearing this. I haven’t really been following Aerin Lauder’s namesake line,  because when I sniffed the first releases, I was underwhelmed, and thought it was a Jo Malone wannabe. Maybe I need to inspect all the other later releases, like for example, Tangier Vanille, which I am hearing lots of good things about. Tonight, as the night gets silent and holy, I will wrap myself around Honeysuckle.