Will Woman (Television Thoughts: American Woman S01 E02 E03)

300I have watched Episodes two and three of ‘American Woman,’ and I like it a lot more. I know this was originally billed as a comedy, but it’s more a soap, and also I think it is evolving into a ‘Sex and The City’ type of series, with minor emphasis now on the other female character. Bonnie, at the end of the first episode, finds not only her husband cheating on her, but that he has squandered other people’s money and she is left with a mostly empty checking account. While the house is in her name, she can no longer maintain it (Her pool is turning green and she has to clean it)  Silverstone makes the character sympathetic, although should you really feel sorry for a rich housewife. Remember, though, that this was another time, and we see her having difficulties looking for a job due from her lack of real experience. Bonnie ends up working for May Co, at the branch where her old rich friends are shopping. As I said, Silverstone is mostly fine, but she has this habit of mouthing her words like she just swallowed chewing gum, and it is distracting me. But that’s a personal thing. I like the fact that the show is 22-26 minutes long. The commitment per episode isn’t as exhausting, akin to ‘Younger.’ This makes it easy for me to give my time to the show, and it is getting interesting to me as these episodes roll.

She Is Woman Hear Her Roar (Television Thoughts: Pilot, American Woman, Paramount Television)

p15060404_b_v8_aa‘American Woman’ is co-produced by Kyle Richards (of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’) and is supposedly partly based on her life so I figure, there must be something kind of fun here. I know that this is one of the reasons why Kyle has not spoken to her older sister Kathy – apparently the latter disapproved of her making their life a series. So all this juicy back story made me look forward to seeing the show more.

And…? After the pilot episode, it definitely whet my appetite to see more. It stars Alicia Silverstone in the mama role, and she plays one of those rich housewives who has to ask her husband for money as she plans for a party. The episode is set up for her to be a single mom to her kids (Kathy and Kim?) as she catches her husband cheating. Silverstone seems to be the right fit of the role, and she attacks it with gusto. This show is billed as a comedy, though it feels soap-y here, but the pilot episode most of the time serves as a set-up for things to come.

The costumes and hair are all fab – Farrah Fawcett in steroids, and I was glad to see gay content within the first ten minutes – so Kyle definitely gives a nod to her audience. I’ll be watching.