A Quiet Thing (Television Thoughts: Love Life S01 E 07 08 09 10)


I just finished the third and final drop of Love Life episodes, and I can say I am pretty satisfied with it, and the show will probably end up on my best of list for the year. There are a lot of things I liked about it, and I think Anna Kendrick was tremendous – I don’t think I have ever seen her give such an ‘adult’ performance. She has always been one of my favorite actors and this will cement her there. And, you know what? As much as a lot of the show is tropes, it surprised me in one angle – I thought Darby was going to end up with Auggie. In a way they do – they will always be coparenting their son – but I thought that they would end up together together. The last couple of episodes wisely showed the different sides of Darby – as a daughter, as a friend, as a mother. They helped show her growth as a woman, and when we see her in that last episode, we see her as a full woman, because we went through that journey with her. And I like the final sentiment – that sometimes love enters your life quietly, without bells and whistles.It reminds me of the Kander & Ebb Song, “when it all comes through just the way we planned, it’s funny that the bells don’t ring…it’s a quiet thing”

I will miss the characters.

The Winner Darby (Television Thoughts: Love Life S01 E 04 05 06, HBO Max)

llI just finished Episodes 4 – 6 of HBO Max’s ‘Love Life,’ and now I am officially hooked.  While it seemed like the first three episodes feel like Darby was just going through a series of men, the next three episodes have her getting into ia real long-term relationship, and getting married. The narrative will also suck you in – she meets Magnus, a chef who is lovable but much flawed – a complicated man child. He is passionate about his craft – talented and creative – but he is also undisciplined and dangerous. We see Darby fall for him hook, line, and sinker, and the relationship gets mentally abusive. And we think why does she get herself trapped in this? As we ask that question, we get episode 5, which is basically a flashback to a year she spent in boarding school, where she meets Luke, a guy who gives her self-confidence. But, he also takes everything away from her. There is a wonderful 180 degree that happens in Episode 6 that serves as Darby’s ‘escape’ from her marriage with Magnus. The story is wonderfully told, and we get great performance from Anna Kendrick, who’s ‘awkward’ aura is perfect for the character. I really love it and am waiting with bated breath for what happens next.

Where Is Love (Television Thoughts: Love Life, S01 E01-03, HBO Max)

MV5BOTE1OTU4YjctNTQ5Ny00ZGQ3LWFjMzAtN2NiYjc5MzEwNzNjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTkxNjUyNQ@@._V1_‘Love Life’ is the one show on HBO Max I had been looking forward to seeing, since it’s a romantic series – you know me, hopeless and hopeful. It is billed as an ‘anthology’ and I was wondering if it was similar to Amazon’s ‘Modern Love’ which I loved.

The show follows one character, Darby, as she looks for love in New York City, and the anthology part comes in because each episode centers on a ‘relationship,’ and the definition is broad – a one night stand, dating, long-term relationships. It has a ‘Sex and The City’ vibe, and take that however you want.

And I have just seen the first three episodes, and I love it already. First of all, Anna kendrick is wonderful – slightly bitter, slightly acerbic, hopeful, vulnerable, funny. I am not too convinced when she becomes too ‘sexual,’ but maybe that’s just my projection. In the first three episodes alone, the show has shown range in the story – the first centers on a relationship with Auggie that lasted, and had you hoping for both to stay together. The second is a little ick – she starts dating her old boss – and it felt like when one of your friends starts dating someone you know is just wrong for them. I liked the third one, wherein she has  a one-night stand and the guy gets clingy and she unintentionally breaks his heart. The show is instantly bingeable, and i wish they had released all the episodes instead of just sets of threes. I am in, let me fall in love!

P.S. I am making a prediction – in the end she will be with Auggie.


Won’t You Do Yourself A Favor? (Movie Thoughts: A Simple Favor)

23760_101241_ps_sd-high‘A Simple Favor’ is a lot of things, but I like it most because it’s cute.  It’s visually stunning, the leading ladies are attractive, their outfits are characters by themselves, and the film leaves you with a nice warm feeling. Even as Emily and Stephanie (played deliciously by Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick) do bad things, the overall effect still feels like you are munching a macaroon, and maybe that is because of the French pop soundtrack. To call the film stylish would be an understatement – each frame feels like a pop art masterpiece.

The substance is more uneven. Based on Darcey Bell’s novel, the story plows through at a great pace, and some of the topsy-turvy twists and turns wheeze by before you can digest them, which made me feel like they were forced on me solely for gimmick. But it is saved by the dark humor here (disguised lightly) and by the flawless execution of the two actresses. Lively is great playing the wicked society girl with deadly panache, and Kendrick proves she is the MVP by giving menacing texture to her sweet and innocent mom vlogger. I vacillate between who is better. Right now as I write this I am leaning towards Kendrick, but I am sure after lunch it will be Lively. All in all, Paul Feig’s film is a treat, best consumed with a gi martini.

Hard Pitch (Movie Thoughts: Pitch Perfect 3)

nZgq5ioz7mC39IALmsua6nrPNekI wanted to see a movie that will take my mind off things, so I chose ‘Pitch perfect 3.’ I wanted something light, one that could probably make me laugh, and I know at the very least this film will have competent music. I have to confess I barely tolerated Part 2 of this, so you really have to think does Part 3 have any reason for existing.

As it turns out, ‘Pitch Perfect 3; is what it is – a last ditch chance on monetizing on something that has been already stretched to death. The hows and whys of this film surely does not even matter – it’s the whos that are most in lay here – most people who will see this already know The Bellas – and they nary care about plots or anything resembling a story at this point. I even think the song selections are so tires at this point, and is it just me or are there not as much in this installation. But whatever, I am not going to complain. I am just glad everyone will get their paychecks, and even though Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson seem half-asleep half the time, half of them still works.

Table Trash (Movie Thoughts: Table 19)

large_table_nineteen‘Table 19’ is marketed as some kind of romantic comedy (look at the poster on the left) but it’s not. It’s a quarter f one, if that. What it is is a mess of a movie, and even though I love Anna Kendrick, she can’t save this sinking ship. Kendricks plays Eloise, who gets invited to a wedding and gets lumped into a table of people who are misfits – or as they explain it, people who they hoped would not come to the wedding. So yes, we are starting the movie off to a compassionate start. It does not go to a better place  nether Eloise’s table mates not the other people int he wedding are people you would want to spend time with. About twenty minutes into the film, I wanted to run out screaming.  June Squibb, Margo Martindale,  and Lisa Kudrow are both great actors, but they are made to look foolish and worse, stupid, that I kind of felt sorry for them having to do this movie — surely they had better offers than to appear in this dreck? I am still lamenting the death of the great romantic comedy (I wouldn’t even put ‘La La Land in there)  and I had some hope for this film, but alas, a huge disappointment.

Dates Night (Movie Thoughts: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates)

mike-and-dave-need-wedding-dates I have always been a fan of Zac Efron, not because he is cute, and let’s face it, he is that, but I am also maybe one of the last few who still thinks he is a natural when it comes to acting. He used to alternate his commercial with some artistic choices, but lately we haven’t seen that, as he has forayed into a lot of frat-boy comedies. But we cannot deny he is the sweetest of guys. During the Olympics, we saw this when he surprised Shannon Biles, the breakthrough superstar of the games. She had confessed that she was an Efron superfan, so when he started winning those medals, the Today Show arranged for Efron to surprise her inio. It was the cutest thing.

Efron’s latest movie, ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ is not nearly as cute – it’s one of those racy and raunchy comedies that make you squirm in mike_and_dave_need_wedding_dates_ver2your seats for laughing kind of comedy. He plays Dave, who with his brother Mike (Adam Devine) concocts a plan to get wedding dates for their sister’s wedding in Hawaii…and you know, hilarity ensues. This is normally not really my kind of movie. If not for Efron, i probably would have turned my nose up on this. But I do have to admit, I chuckled quite a few times while watching the film, even though I found a lot of the jokes offensive. But I give this film points for doing equal-opportunity offensiveness, so there’s that. And anything with Anna Kendrick can’t really be that bad. This film is good relaxing on a quiet night movie, and I doubt if anyone expected it to be anything otherwise.

Pitch, Please! (Movie Thoughts, Pitch Perfect 2)

Pitch-Perfect-2I wasn’t in love with the first “Pitch Perfect,” but I know a lot of people were. Hence, a sequel. And i know it has been raking in money, so for better ot worse, I thought to myself I might as well see it. (There are also not that many choices out there, right now) I think it is interesting that this movie was directed by actress Elizabeth Banks, and I think giving the film a nice feminine touch would serve it well. (She does double duty as one of the commentators in the film) So the verdict? I don’t think it succeeds fully, but at the same time it’s pleasant, it’s entertaining enough, it didn’t annoy me so all in all not a total waste. So – meh. Let’s start with the good: Anna Kendrick can do no wrong, Brittany Snow is solid, and Rebel Wilson made me laugh a lot more times than I care to admit. I have seen that opening scene (where her character Fat Amy accidentally flashes the President) numerous times in the preview yet it still made me laugh. And her scene where she professes her love to Adam DaVine was genius, and has markings of musical comedy. (Can someone please give the two of them their own movie?) Still, the pacing is glacial, and more jokes fall flat than land.The addition of Hailee Steinfeld didn’t serve a purpose, and the film was overly long. I guess kids will have a lot of extra time this summer and they can do worse. So can you.