There’s Nothing About Billy (Movie Thoughts: Billy Boy)

mv5bndm3ntiwnta3n15bml5banbnxkftztgwnta1mdm0ntm@._v1_I always do this. I get sucked into a movie because of a cute actor. In ‘Billy Boy,’ what lured me was Blake Jenner, who is foine. But there’s only so much attention good looks can sustain. Directed by Bradley Buecker, thsi film is a snooze, even with its hyper-kenetic production. Written by Jenner himself, it probably was better on paper, and Buecker puts a lot of ‘effects’ to distract from the narrative. Even with another cutie in the cast (Grant Harvey as Mikey) I was bored halfway through.

A Trip to the Library (Movie Thoughts: American Animals)

aman‘American Animals’ is the first distribution venture for MoviePass, and I feel like I must support it because the company has added a lot of value to my movie-making experience. (For the most part, I am very happy with their service) But who am I kidding – I probably got attracted to this because of its attractive young all-male cast: Evan Peters and Blake Jenner, specifically (Can I have Mr. Jenner for dinner, please?)

The film is about a heist from 2003 wherein a group of four guys from Kentucky tried to steal a rare book. It is stemmed from a Vanity Fair article and would have made a good story. But the screenplay took a bit to rev up, and you really don’t know what motivated these men to concoct this deal. You don’t know who to root for, either, though I found myself rooting for them to succeed, partly maybe because of the good acting from the cast. I found myself conflicted about that, to be honest. You kind of felt that these kids were just misguided, or probably gave them room because essentially they were just that – kids. Peters as Warren, the would-be ringleader has great presence, and Barry Keoghan as Spencer showed vulnerability, and they are actors to watch out for. All in all, I kind of enjoyed the movie more than I didn’t, and really, if you have MoviePass, not a bad way to ‘give back’ to the company.