Friend Indeed (Movie Thoughts: Our Friend)

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s ‘Our Friend’ is a cancer movie weepie – destined to wring out tears in you. We’ve seen this story before, we’ve seen this movie before, but for me, because I am sometimes a masochist, I still watch, hoping for something new.

I am happy to report that the film got some tears out of me (but then again maybe that’s from my pandemic low-key depression) even though the story was familiar – I mean we all know how this will end – the main ace for the film here is the good acting by the principals. Dakota Johnson is really a good actress, and she shines through the scattershot script here, giving dignity to the dying Nicole, who gets diagnosed with cancer. Casey Affleck also gives complex to a cardboard character, but it is Jason Segal who is the top here – funny and vulnerable as the selfless friend who glues the family together.

There are some holes in the story, and for what it is I felt the film was a little bloated . but this film is exactly what you need if you want to release some sadness out of you.

A Ghost Of A Chance (Film Thoughts: A Ghost Story)

206506_1018652274931_9732_nI have a friend who I discuss movies with and he asked me “Have you seen ‘A Ghost Story’ yet? ” and I answered that I am not too fond of horror movies. “No, it’s really a horror film, it’s really more a drama,” and now I remember that I have seen its trailer, though I don’t really remember much. and to think I have been ignoring it. I think I may have been on holiday when it came out, that’s why it has been off my radar.

I trust my friend’s taste so I went to see it, and boy I was so glad to follow his advise. This film is creepy, touching, and it will make you think. I remember it has been a couple of days and he and I are still discussing. I first thought that some of the execution are clunky, but as I ponder more, everything makes sense. Casey Affleck’s character (his character) is never named dies in an accident, and his soul wearing a blanket goes back to visit his wife, played by Rooney Mara. But there’s more to that, there are expressions of the souls going back in time, as well as forward. There is a sense of poignancy on how everything wraps up.

Truly, this film has unlikely sweetness that will touch your heart, and I cannot recommend it enough.