Nowhere Race (Movie Thoughts: Ford vs Ferrari)

11thumb_28983_360_480_0_0_autoIt took me a while to see ‘Ford v Ferrari’ (I think the title in European markets is ‘Le Mans 66’) because it doesn’t seem to be the kind of movie that I would like. Its elements are things that do not really interest me – racing, cars – two things that have no appeal to me whatsoever. But ok, sure, the completist in me saw it because it could be some kind of player during awards season. I mean, I like its two main actors enough – Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

But I should have listened to my instincts. This is a good, solid film, but I was bored to tears by it. The film has too much testosterone, and not in a good way for me. I had no interest in the story, in the car, in the race. I couldn’t care less about the characters and if they won or lost their races. My time is so precious, and I felt like it was wasted viewing this film.

Political Ad-Vice (Film Thoughts: Vice)

vice_ver3‘Vice’ had all the elements of a movie I would like – it’s liberal hate bait, it stars Christian Bale, probably the best actor of his generation, and it is directed by Adam McKay, whose previous movie I liked. But ‘Vice’ felt very exhausting for me. It pummels the idea that DIck Cheney is a bad person and is manipulative, and is shrewd. And anyone with any intelligence really knows that – so what. You want to ask, “and then.’ And he does provide the answers – we invade Iraq because of 9/11 when we shouldn’t have – but after a while I just did not want to be in the company of these people. I mean, I can barely stand these people sound-biting on the news, now I will spend two hours with them?  Bale does give a performance of near perfection – he does the Cheney smile/sneer cannily – but that was not enough to keep my interest. And looking back, these issues have been done and dealt with. and we have much bigger problems in politics right now.  I thought it was kind of sweet that Cheney loved his daughter a lot that he was almost for marriage equality. until we get to this calculations in the end while his daughter was campaigning when they just throw their lesbian daughter under the bus. Amy Adams is fine as well as the slimy Lynn Cheney, sure, but still all in all, I just didn’t really like any of these people and I wanted to leave the theater pronto.