Like A Grapefruit In Paradise (Perfume Thoughts: Pomelo Paradis, Atelier Cologne)


It’s gotten a little warm today, and this morning, while picking my scent, craved for something spring-y (or even summer-y) and I just happened to see Pomelo Paradis, from the Atelier Cologne line.  I love this line, of colognesque scents that really are parfums in strength – they are well-made and interesting. I remember getting Pomelo Paradis at Scent Bar instantly. I did not even want to think about it as I fell in love with it right away. Almost a year after, I am glad I still feel the same way, as Pomelo Paradis feels so crisp and fresh as I spray it on, and my love for it is just as strong. It starts like a sparkling grapefruit drink – the orange and black currant rounds it well. Normally an orange tend to go sour on me right away, but ehre it just gives the grapefruit note more volume. And there’s a floral heart here – rose and orange blossom – that keeps it from smelling strictly citrus. This probably works best on a hot summer day (Imagine if you refrigerated this) but on a cool-ish spring day, it blooms differently, like a day painting being seen in the late afternoon as the sun starts to set. I am glad to wear this today.