Tan Men (Webseries Thoughts: Meet The Morecocks: Team Tan, Cockyboys)


The third installment of Cockyboy’s Meet The Morecox is titled ‘Team Tan,’ and focuses on Levi Karter and Ricky Roman. The title stems from a hashtag that became popular on Twitter because both Karter and Roman are the only men ‘of color’ from the Cockyboys roster. (‘But I don’t even understand Spanish,’ Karter muses) I was particularly drawn to this episode, because I have a porn crush on Karter, and even took a selfie with him when I saw him at a club last year, and I thought it would be nice to see some back story on the real Levi.  And we get a little bit of that – we learn that he is from Ohio, and had some coming out issues with his mom. Well, not necessarily from coming out as gay (she is super supportive) but from being a porn star. Apparently, he had already some some scenes but never told her, and was outed by a meddling aunt when it got around their small town. He came into class one day and saw ‘Levi Karter’ scrolled on the blackboard. This necessitated a meeting between Jake Jaxson, one of Cocky’s owners, to have a meeting with her, and he tears up when relating what she said: ‘I just wanted him to settle down with a nice man.’  Later we see footage of Karter tearing up after attending his first Pride parade. It was nice to see that side of Karter, which makes him love him more – he seems to be a nice, decent kid.

My only complaint here is that I wish it was longer. At only an hour per episode of the docuseries, one feels short changed. And why the big gap between episodes, too? But I like the fact that the studio makes these to make us know their models just a little more intimately – int he more wholesome sense.

Slap That Bass (Webseries Thoughts: Meet The Morecocks 2: The Jake Bass Experience)


I very much liked the first installment of “Meet The Morecocks,” which is a webseries from popular site Cockyboys.  This series gives us a glimpse of the real life of models from the site, and the second installment, “The Jake Bass Experience” focuses on popular performer Jake Bass. This does a good job of humanizing Bass, by showing us his strong and vulnerable sides. He is just coming off a multi city European tour, promoting the book “A Thing Of Beauty” with some of his studio mates. He lives a typical New Yorker model life – taking the subway to get haircuts in the East Village, shooting a gig for Diesel, asking for an advance to pay for his rent. He seems to be very grounded – we don’t get the perform and play persona that some of his cohorts in the industry have. Later on, he takes us on a tour of the house in Montreal where he grow up, where he describes himself as a very angry child and he would repeatedly punch the door – the holes are still there. It gives you a sense that he is definitely at a better place in his life. Later on he starts to live at the Cockyboys compound and we see him interacting with the filmmakers. Even though there’s a lot of depth with his story, I found this installment less satisfying than the first, maybe because I don’t find Bass as appealing. But I applaud this series as a whole, and hope Cockyboys does more of them.

More More More (Webseries Thoughts, Meet The Morecocks, Lightning In A Bottle – Episode One – Cocky Boys)


I will not pretend and say that I am unfamiliar with the catalog of Cockyboys. Of course, I have, um, enjoyed a lot of their offerings, and I freely admit I have a crush on one of their (ex?) stars, Levi Michaels. SO I was curious, okay – excited, that they have today released a docu series, called “Meet The Morecocks,” which is an exploration of the real-life throuple (Jake, Adrian, and Benny) who own and operate the site. They have already been featured in a New York Magazine article, but this gives the chance to show their relationship in vivid three dimensional color.

Too bad Episode 1, “Lightning In A Bottle”  doesn’t really focus that much on that interesting angle – it would have been the perfect opportunity for people to see how natural and wholesome a throuple can be (as described on that New York Magazine article, anyway)  We do get a glimpse about the characters, though: Adrian talks about a summer fling he has when he was in London, Benny describes how yoga and meditation helps him when he gets stressed.

What this episode focuses more on the relationship between Jake Jaxson and Max Ryder, who in this episode has started to transition away from porn. They all embark on a three European city tour, and this episode focuses on the sometime dramatic dynamics they have on the tour, culminating on Ryder’s departure from the site. I understand why they did this: Jaxson and Ryder have combustive screen chemistry, and the dichotomy of their real-life relationship is quite interesting to follow (I bet there’s a lot of professional competition between them, as most ‘teams’ do) I am guessing Ryder will not appear as much in succeeding episodes, and hopefully they will “introduce” their other models.

I liked this a lot, and will definitely follow the next episodes. I hope it evolves into other things: how they position themselves in the industry, the relationship they have with their models, and I hope they go deeper into the throuple set-up. Porn and porn stars always interest me, and I actually have briefly met these guys at Hustlaball Las Vegas about two years ago. So yeah, I am ready, give me more of the Morecocks.