A Spring Comeback (Television Thoughts: Will And Grace, The Fall Season)

Will & Grace - Season 1Just finished watching the ‘Fall Finale’ of Will and Grace, and I guess we will not be seeing the show for a couple of months, though I think there is a Christmas episode coming up.  I know I wrote about the pilot, mainly praising it, and thankfully, with each week the show just brought it on. I will not lie and tell you that every joke on every show landed (for me) but the show did one thing for me – it made me want to ‘make an appointment’ with the show every Thursday night at 9 pm, and I don’t even do that with any of my favorite shows. I wanted to support it, and even though I am not a Neilsen household, I wanted my television to be on it on the actual time it was on.

And all four actors just got better and better every week – these characters are all second skin to them, but they even manage to flesh out a little bit something to them. Look at Hayes during the ‘gay conversion’ episode. When he tells his grandson that he is ok, it never sounded prerachy because one can actually see that character say the exact same words. And Mullaly on the sixth episode, when her maid Rosario dies, gives the character just enough pathos and vulnerability amidst the comedy. I know both have won Emmys for their roles, but I can’t see them not getting more next September. I give them special mention but McCormack and Messing both are as good. I know I am sounding like the biggest W &  G fanboy, but I have to say I wasn’t even a big fan of it when it was on. I stopped watching it after its third or fourth season, if I recall, so maybe there’s something here that is touching me – perhaps it’s the times we live in, perhaps it’s the political climate. And speaking of which, it was good to see that the later episodes become almost non-political, although the show is always topical, and perhaps too much at times.  I will eagerly await its return next year.

But You’ve Got To Have Friends (Television Thoughts, Will & Grace Season Nine)

C27FD6uWgAAsW1lSo you have seen all the press for the return of ‘Will and Grace,’  and after watching the ninth season opener, I say yasss ! And to be honest, I am not even the biggest fan of the show. Of course, I watched it when it was first on, and I particularly loved the second season but I drifted after that, occasionally checking in but never devoted. But of course I love these characters. I mean, who doesn’t ? Gay critics are saying it’s a minstrel show, and I say why take it so seriously? It’s a sitcom, one that appeals to a whole lot of people. It brought gay sensibility to America’s living rooms weekly, and I think it really did help with mainstream’s acceptance of gay culture.

And it starts out almost entirely where it left off. It has always been topical, and with our media-savvy culture nowadays, it looks like it hasn’t skipped a bit. There is something a bit comforting about seeing these characters again – all over-the-top versions of people we know (Well, I know, anyway)  And the zingers sometimes land, sometimes fail, but hasn’t it always been like that anyway?  I love the fact that totally nothing has changed with Will, with Jack with Grace and with Karen. I mean, I would be so mad if they had changed Karen.  Welcome back, Friends.

When Your House Is A Dream (Movie Thoughts: The Architect)

kinopoisk.ruI never liked Parker Posey as an actress. I guess I have always been immune to her ‘party girl charm.’  But here she is here, playing Drew, one half of a ‘yuppy’ couple (Eric McCormack plays Colin, the other half) who is building their dream house. They hire eccentric architect, Moss Miles (well-played by James Frain)  and as you can probably guess, things just go from weird to bizarre after. ‘The Architect’ never really gets it tone right – is it one of those stalking-thriller types, a la ‘The One Who Rocks The Cradle’? Perhaps it is a melodramatic divorce story? I ended up confused and slightly entertained by it.