Love Travels (Movie Thoughts: Long Weekend)

Steve Basilone’s ‘Long Weekend’ is a romantic comedy with a twist. Bart (Finn Witrock) meets Vienna (Zoe Chao) when he is down and out, and he gets charmed by her quirkiness, and they fall for each other. But there’s just a little hitch: she is from 2052, and is just traveling back to pre covid LA to buy stocks so she can pay for her mother’s cancer treatments. The film is a well-meaning love story that is surprisingly tender and touching. I normally do not like sci-fi elements in anything, but both Witrock and Chao really sell this, and in the end, I was more than convinced. I wish the screenplay was better written. For example, I thought the twist was revealed too early and it seemed like the film did not know where to go afterwards, but for the most part, I was convinced because of the good acting.