Love Is Everything (Movie Thoughts: Everything Everything)

Sometimes, a film surprises you. In the best possible way. I didn’t see this film because for some reason I thought this had a sci-fi angle but this is exactly the kind of popcorn romantic drama I crave. This is ‘The Boy In The Plastic Bubble’ but more than that this is ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ with all the non-subtleties: She wears all while, he wear all black. There’s even two rooms across from each other, and she even has a nurse.

And even as I acknowledge big holes in the story, I will also be the first person to say that the story, the characters got me hook, line, and sinker.

And it’s all because of the actors who play the lovers – Madeline, as played by Amanda Stenberg and Nick Robinson as Ollie. They are two charming actors who bring a lot of charm to their roles. I always say even the most clíched characters if played by great actors will be believable. I believed. There are details in the end that will make you roll eyes but at that point you will probably too invested with these characters, and you will just go along.

If you are a hopeless romantic, like myself, this will make you remember your first love. Like what Madeline writes in the film: Love  is Everything.

Friends For Life (Book Thoughs, The Summertime Girls, Laura Hankin)

25773570What a great way to start 2016 by reading a book about friendship! I was talking to an old friend the other day and he was lamenting the state of his friendship with a mutual friend of ours. He told me he was disappointed that this mutual friend has changed over the years. I told him, it shouldn’t matter because people change and evolve and the only thing we can do with our loved ones is just to accept them, as they are, just like we do with blood relatives.

That is essentially the message in Laura Hankin’s “The Summertime Girls.” BFFs for life Ally and Beth have been going through personal struggles yet are both having difficult time navigating those with regards to their friendship. The message can be heavy-handed at times, and there really isn’t much of a plot here, just character studies. Still, this is an engaging read, and I found myself relating to both characters. It made me cherish the deep friendships I have, and made me realize how lucky I am to have these relationships. There’s no better way to start the new year!