Answer Me My Love (Movie Thoughts: The Man With The Answers)

Directed by Stelios Kammitsis, ‘The Man With The Answers’ is another one of those gay road movies. I have said numerous times how that genre is not the most appealing for me, but I like European cities and this has the main characters traveling from Greece to Germany so I thought maybe I would liek this more. And I did, mainly because it has two appealing (cute) lead actors. The story is run-of-the-mill, yes we have seen this all before, but these actors are good enough that it could have been much more painful. At least you can appreciate the wonderful scenery on display with the picturesque cinematography.

Threefer #1

Three Films, Short Thoughts.

large_hero‘The Hero,’  stars Sam Elliot as an aging actor who had a memorable role in a Western movie.  Written specifically for Mr. Elliott, it is a moody piece – the character in the beginning of the movie discovers that he has cancer and goes through the process of notifying his family of his diagnosis, all the while dealing with how an older actor has to navigate his way into today’s society. Needless to say, Elliot is fantastic here, subtle and never on point.  The movie skews ‘too sentimental’ at times but never really goes there, thanks to Elliot’s sweet and sour take on his role.




large_large_large_r7va7vtatgdamburnktkwiqlgrx‘Double Lover,’ from France (It was France’s entry for the Academy last year)  is a wild ride of a movie. It has an incredulous plot – a pair of twins bed the same lady patient, but do the twins really exist or is this all a figment of her imagination? This movie is crazy, complete with close ups of clitoris shots. I never really believed in any of it, but boy does the film come down easy – instantly going into the so-bad-its-good category. I know it is trying to be erotically charged,  but really it just made me giggle. I actually do recommend this film, but probably not for the reasons you think.



mv5bmwmymwqyyzqtyzc5yy00nthjlwe1nzctnjewztazmte5zmvmxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyodiyotqzmzm@._v1_sy1000_cr0,0,688,1000_al_‘He Loves Me’ by Kinstantinos Menelaou is an odd movie. It’s about a couple who takes a trip away from the city to some beach town (I am assuming this is Greece) and when they get there, they ‘evaluate’ their relationship. But the whole film is told from voice-overs from one of the guys. He starts to talk about everything from how they meet to how they are feeling to where they are right now in the relationship. It’s all nice and fuzzy, but…very odd. I couldn’t really get into the conceit of the film, and found myself bored, even as the run time of the film is barely more than an hour.



Too Much Sun (Book Thoughts: Santorini Sunsets, Anita Hughes)

25912497About twenty pages into this book, I asked myself, “Am I imagining it, or is this book really bad?”  So I went to Goodreads and looked at the consensus, and of course the first review up there mirrors what I have been thinking. Anita Hughes has written quite a few of these kinds of stories, and I have sene most of them. They have titles of great destinations, picturesque covers. But I guess what’s nice stops there.

“Santorini Sunsets” piques my interest because Santorini does have one  of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It is also, in my opinion, one of the most romantic places in the world – for my money second only to Venice. But this namesake of a book is really so colorless it could have been written by a computer program. It’s hard to invest in any of these cardboard characters in predictable situations. You can see where this is headed a chapter in. And Hughes has a habit of name dropping whether it be designer clothes, or items on restaurants’ menus. I roll my eyes whenever one mentions a character looking forward to the specialties of a particular restaurant only for them to eat something else, just so Hughes can mention more items in the menu. I think at some point even she tired of name dropping. There’s just a tiny bit of escapism here, but nothing a google search can’t fix.