Where There’s a Bloom, There’s a Way (Perfume Thoughts: Gucci Bloom)

bloomI have been very late again testing the new releases, and today I just sniffed Gucci Bloom,  which is the first female scent release under the direction of Alessandro Michele (and I was very impressed with his first men’s scent for Gucci – Guilty Absolu)

Gucci Bloom was love at first sniff for me. It’s really quite a simple scent – imagine picking a wild bouquet of jasmine, tuberose, and violets, and there you have Gucci Bloom. There’s nothing more to describe – the jasmine and tuberose are tempered and nice, and the sweet violets sit on top of the bouquet. This is a pretty white floral,easy and dewy, and quiet enough. It’s accessible enough for office wear, distinctive enough for someone to smell you as they walk by. It doesn’t overwhelm, it whispers enough for a remembrance.  Here I am, hours after spritzing it and I can still smell it faintly on my arm and my short. It has a memorable trail. Besides, I am a sucker for white florals anyway. It is also perfect for the brand, as you can imagine this scent matching Michele’s floral prints. I smell a hit.

The Glamorous Band-Aid (Perfume Thoughts, Guilty Absolute, Gucci)

nd.43040I sometimes forget that the Gucci house makes good performances (well, sometimes)  and I also forgot you can get some great perfumes at the men’s department store counter. Put those two sentences together and I am delighted to write that Gucci’s newest men’s scent, Gucci Guilty Absolute is a complete knockout. It’s quirky and unique, and I think very accessible, though I have read that it has incited polarizing reactions.

It’s a very woods-centric fragrances – as it starts with very dry woods – a dark resinous forest with hints of a hospital ward tainted with a hot of whiskey. And then some vetiver comes in, but the dark moody kind – inky and dank. But it all comes together in a surprisingly light way. Here I am right now, with three digit temperatures, but it never feels overwhelming. It’s heady but not headache inducing. Alberto Morillo signed this fragrance with Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and I bet this doesn’t stay long out there. It’s not mainstream enough and some people have even described it as something that smells like Band-Aid. But it has gotten almost unanimous raves from perfumistas everywhere, and I am scared that that would seal its doom. I haven’t kept track of every single release this year, but Gucci Guilty Absolute would be tough to beat as the year’s best men’s department store fragrance.  This is the perfect scent to pick up at Duty Free, and I am traveling soon so it would be safe to assume a bottle would be mine soon. Very soon.

Boring Bamboo (Perfume Thoughts: Gucci Bamboo)

Gucci-Bamboo-KV-(2)I feel like I have had this never-ending cold so I have not written about any scents of late. I mean, I have been wearing scents, just not really paying that much attention to them. But I wanted to snap out of the rut, and I wore something new (to me) from my overflowing tub of samples: Gucci Bamboo,  which was released late last year. I really thought Gucci Bamboo smelled like bamboo, and for a minute there I was kind of excited as to how the smell of bamboo, which is used in a lot of spas, can be elevated to a designer perfume. But, alas, this bamboo is only based on Gucci’s accessory line that features bamboos. (The pink/purple theme in the ads should have tipped me off ) This bamboo is actually a run-of-the-mill floral that has no personality and certainly has no edge. It starts with ylang ylang and lily, or the modern clean interpretations of these notes. The florals blend into a clean something, and it’s something that you have smelled probably a million times before. In fact, this one is reminiscent of my beloved Burberry The Beat for Women – it has that same plastic floral note that I like.  I guess I wasn’t expecting this to be anything more than what I sniffed, but it would have been nice to have been pleasantly surprised. The drydown is that white clean musk thing we also have smelled a million times before. Gucci Bamboo is okay: inoffensive, it will not anger anyone at the office, and it will probably be cheap enough to get at the discount sites a year after its release – if it doesn’t get discontinued.