It’s All About The Sale (Series Thoughts: Making the Cut Season Two, Amazon Prime)

I just finished the whole second season of Amazon’s ‘Making The Cut’ and of course I have thoughts.

First of all, I still love these fashion-specific centric competition shows. I always loved ‘Project Runway’ (and still do despite the new host) but I do have a special fondness for Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. While watching this, I thought to myself: they really make quite a good team, and they do make a difference. There’s no charm like Gunn charm, and Klum’s fearless hosting is still unparalleled, at least compared to that Trump-supporting Karli Kloss (I don’t think i will ever warm up to her) You can actually tell the difference. In this show, the designers were not as talented, and sometimes the challenges feel forced (the Covid restrictions this season did not help) but the show never was less than very entertaining. As a matter of fact, it became appointment viewing for me (I would rush home every Friday to catch new episodes) I love shows wherein you have to have some kind of pracrtical talent/skill to win – you just aren’t the most popular.

I still root for the ‘wrong’ person, though. Just like last year, I was rooting for someone who I think is the most unique, and for me displays the most talent. I keep on forgetting this competition is looking for ‘the next global brand,’ and in this case, it goes to the designer/brand that is most sellable. In my book, that may not necessarily be the same. I was rooting for Gary. Graham, who had a very specific and artistic point of view in their fashion choices. I take comfort in the fact that Jeremy Scott, the only fashion designer in all of the judges, is on the same side. For me, it’s all about what they bring to the table. His stuff probably won’t sell as much as Andrea’s, whow on, but then I always want more distinct points of views in my clothes anyway.

But – it’s all good. It will make me just want to root for these ‘underdogs’ more. Maybe one of these days, my bet will win.