Rome-ance (Movie Thoughts: Rome In Love)

MV5BMmZkYTU4ODMtOGRmNi00Y2E3LWFkZDYtNjA4OTliM2RjZTU1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODAxMzI2NTg@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Even though I love rom-coms, I really haven’t been devouring the Hallmark Channel, but should I ? ‘Rome In Love’ caught my eye because I remember reading the book by Anita Hughes a couple of years ago.  I remember reading it because I was due to be in Rome and wanted to get some Roman flavour before the trip – and the book did just that, even if the story was on the perfunctory side.

So the film, directed by Eric Bross stars Italia Ricci (perfect name) as an American actress who gets cast for a remake of Roman Holiday (Bad idea, but whatever) and of course she meets a journalist who is to profile her for a magazine (a little dated, but whatever) and well, we kind of know where this ends up, don’t we?  It’s all about the romantic journey. There are great scenes shot in Rome (i miss the city terribly) but the chemistry between the leads just sort of fizzle. Still, this is mindless enough that I saw it after a stressful work day and instantly felt better. And in that sense, it served its purpose.

Back To the Racks (Music Thoughts: Sings Bachrach, Laura Avanzolini)

LauraOne of the great things about the music of Burt Bachrach is his intricate melodies. There is something great about the way his music swoops and sways, and whenever an artist sings his songs, I always look at the way they navigate themselves in his song. Laura Avanzolini has a new album called ‘Sings Bachrach’ and for most of these songs, she finds ‘different’ ways of interpreting these songs. FAIL. She at times goes against the melodies, and…they just don’t sound good to me. At times it feels like she is trying too hard, and the rest of the time she veers too much away from the melody that I instantly get a headache. I very rarely give a very negative review but seriously i cannot find anything redeeming about this at all. Skip this!