The Sun Rises At Night (Movie Thoughts: The Sunlit Night)

sunlit‘The Sunlit Night’ is a movie with a promise unfulfilled. It is based on a book, and stars a charming Jenny Slate, playing a character that could have been annoying. She plays Frances, who goes to Lofoten, a city in Northern Norway, to help a famous artist, played by Fridtjov Såheim, paint a house that will put his name on the map (literally) He is not nice to him at first, but eventually warms up – this could have been the central part of the story, and I would have been fine with it, but we get a sub story line with Frances meeting Yasha, who she remembers from Brooklyn – that romance is half-baked so you do not get a sense on why the characters are drawn to each other – and I felt the film almost forgets about the initial storyline, the one that drew me into the film. And they they add some weird characters and I am totally lost, and disappointed. I felt that the film was choppy and I bet the book and screenplay, both by Rebecca Dinerstein, was richer.

Bark Vark (Movie Thoughts: Aardvark)

256570c3fb33de0bbd3330fb5732d8e6I really don’t know why Brian Shoaf named his film ‘Aardvaark.’ It’s based on the animal, I guess, and I know in some cultures this animal is a symbol of strength.  This film, though, is a meandering mess. It stars Zachary Quinto as Josh, a man who goes to therapy. We know he is somewhat mentally challenged, though  for the most part he is a functioning human being. He has a famous brother who is an actor on a defunct cop show,  and played by Jon Hamm. He sees Craig in other people – a homeless woman, a cop. His therapist (Jenny Slate) falls in love with Craig, and there is a lot of things going on here, and nothing seems to be sticking. What comes out is a big bore, and even though Hamm is good (he really is a great screen presence) it’s not enough for me to recommend this.