Summer Days Drifting Away (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Basil and Mandarin)

nd-40419I met a friend for drinks the other night, and as soon as I smelled him I knew that what he was wearing was Jo Malone Basil and Neroli. Well, firstly I know that he loves Jo Malone, so hat was my first clue. But Basil & Neroli smells exactly like what you think it would smell like – which is, basil and neroli.

So the next day, of course, I went and tried on the sample I have had for a while now. I had been saving it for the perfect day, and I thought why not today? It opens with that burst of basil and neroli – the neroli here is cold and juicy, there’s just a right amount of lemony goodness in here. The basil smells just like te herb. I have never been a particular big fan of basil, the smell, the spice, and even the perfume note, but here I didn’t mind it. This perfume is instantly wearable, as I think most Jo Malone fragrances are, and I bet it is selling well. If you are looking for a crowd pleaser, look no further.  And if Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is too expensive for you, this is a great alternative.

But wuth that being said, it’s still too summary for a cold night, which it was the other night when my friend was wearing this. It’s too cologne-y, for me, on a cold winter night, since the basil isn’t as heavy a spice enough. I will get this at some point as a great addition to my Jo Maloen collection, but I will wait till the weather gets warmer.

I Am Bitter When I Smell (Perfume Thoughts: Bitter Orange, Jo Malone)

indexFor the holiday season, Jo Malone is releasing a limited edition scent called Orange Bitters. I thought Orange Bitters was a cookie, but I realized it was a cocktail, and my heart started to flutter. (From Wikipedia: Orange bitters is a cocktail flavoring made from the peels of Seville oranges, cardamom, caraway seed, coriander and burnt sugar in an alcohol base) First, I love boozy scents, and also the idea of it sounds very un-Jo Malone like. I have been for the most part impressed with their latest releases. And to top it all off, look at this beautiful beautiful bottle – festive, art-deco ish, elegant. This smelled like a winner, well, metaphorically.

Too bad it literally did not smell like one. It smells citrusy all right, btu it also has that sweet sugary note that I don’t like. It was pretty cold when I tried it on, and the sweetness overwhelmed everything else. The notes on the press release say ripe mandarin, but I just smell ripe sugar on me. And there’s no depth – nothing earthy, spicy, or dark to frame it. There’s supposed to be sandalwood and amber here but I don’t get them. And I was initially allured by a dry prune note (I thought, what? Luten-ish?) but I didn’t get it either. This perfume is just all kinds of wrong for my skin, and I feel disappointed because I really want that bottle incorporated in my Jo Malone collection.

Pear Down (Perfume Thoughts, Nisha Blossom, Jo Malone)

o.37551I have been very happy with a lot of Jo Malone’s recent releases that I blind-bought  their limited edition summer release Nashi Blossom. And I will not lie that part of the enticement for me was the beautiful bottle. I kind of regret that decision. Though I am glad that the beautiful bottle is among my cherished collection, the juice underwhelmed me.

Nashi is a name of an Asian pear, and I googled it to see what that looked like, and I remember the fruit from my childhood. I remember we would buy the fruit during Christmas time, and especially during New Year’s when we would fill our tables with round things – it symbolizes coins for good luck. I don’t remember the fruit having any kind of smell, to be honest.

What I do smell in this perfume is sugar, and lots and lots of it. The pear is that screechy artificial kind, and it’s really bothering me. To make matters worse,  a rose note comes in and it’s just as fake smelling. And did I say it was sweet? the perfume reminds me of those Hi-C juice boxes that kids drink. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. On my skin, in the summer heat, the plastic smell even blooms. Not quite a scrubber, but close.

A Trip To Oman (Perfume Thoughts: Incense & Cedrat, Jo Malone Cologne Intense)

3d43649981635700ed5a5b5a6b1c1314I am liking almost every new release from Jo Malone lately, and that includes their Cologne Intense release from earlier this year – Incense and Cedrat. Who would ever think that Jo Malone would ever release an incense-based scent, with the label’s aesthetic for all things flowery, light, and pretty. But Marie Salamagne, in this release, has created something pretty in incense. She almost eliminates the smoke from this, leaving us with a sweet resinous sap. It feels light – the cedar in it has a lot of lemon so it never feels bogged down as other incense-based scents tend to do. It feels easy to wear, and on hot summer days can even be…clean and refreshing. Apparently, the incense here is based on the Omani incense. I have never been to Oman, but I read that incense is a big part of their lifestyle, as they use ti for a variety of reasons. As I mentioned earlier, I am quite taken by this fragrance – it’s easy to wear and perfect for days when you want to wear something substantial without making such a big statement. It has less than normal longevity, though, which is a thing for some Jo Malone scents.

Strawberry Scent Forever (Perfume Thoughts: Wild Strawberry and Parsley, Jo Malone)

STROWI really do like the direction Jo Malone has been taking lately with regards to their releases, under the creative direction of Celine Roux. Every single release since Christine Nagle left has appealed to me, and the scents under their Herb Garden Collection series have been no exception. The whole collection, even as an idea, is interesting to begin with, and the first one I tried, Wild Strawberry and Parsley, was an utter delight. I have been wearing it for most of the past two weeks just because it is the perfect not-quite-spring fragrance. First of all, the combo – while parsley is interesting enough, strawberry could have easily gone Bath and Body Works territory. Of course, this perfume is smarter than that – it has not really not much of both notes (on my skin, anyway) but it has a note that is very appealing to me: tomato leaf. I like it so much I had to look at what other fragrances has tomato leaf as a major note (Penhaligon’s Esprit du Roi came to mind instantly) But this tomato leaf here is paired with black currant (another favorite note) and it’s this juicy, berry accord that I can’t stop sniffing – and it makes the strawberry note not too cloying. I wish I could really get the parsley, but the herb I get is basil, and it enters about midway through. This herbaceous/sweet perfume was just so perfect last week when, here in the desert, the temperature still hasn’t boiled, but there’s sun and a little nip in the air. By this week, it is a lto warmer, and I was wearing this today, and it didn’t sour or anything. One one hand, i am glad this is only available in the cheap-ish 1 oz bottle, but I looked this morning, and I have used at least an eighth of it already. So, basically, you can never make me happy. Oh, and yes it is fleeting, as some Jo Malones can be, but I usually wear a scarf and spray it there so I get whiffs all through out the day.

Sun In A Bottle (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom)


One of my favorite perfume releases for this year is Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom. I have been quite impressed with all the later Jo Malone releases, and I do think they are experiencing a new renaissance   I was glad to smell a fragrance with a mimosa note, as I think I only have one other one in my wardrobe:  L’Artisan’s Mimosa Pour Moi. I think the mimosa note is a very Jo Malone kind of note: nice and sweeet, and not too loud. Partnered with cardamom, it’s really perfect for the brand aesthetic.

The mimosa is here: powdery and intimate, and the cardamom frames it with a cool green edge that’s slightly mineral-y. That’s about it. Some people get vanilla, tonka beean, jasmine. I get none of that – I only get the mimosa and the crdamom. And then I get nothing. This is one of those Jo Malone scents that disappear in my skin quickly. Even in a cold day like today, none of it stays, and I find myself wanting to spray more to keep on smelling it – and believe me, I am heavy handed on the initial spray. If there is a scent that could benefit from an “intense” formulation, this would be it. But I enjoy it for what it is – a nice reminder of a sunny day,e specially on a cold dreary day like today.

Smellin’ Japanese (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom)

_10326998When Jo Malone brought back “Sakura Cherry Blossom” as part of their Blue Skies And Blossoms series earlier this year, I promised myself i would get it, since I missed out on it in 2011. I remember sniffing it and loving it then, but I did not get it. and I had a shallow reason why – Bath & Body Works has a similar scent, titled Japanese Cherry Blossom, and I got that instead. Of course, the Jo Malone version is better: not synthetic at all, and the light touch of it cannot be compared to BBW’s harsh synthetic version. Of course, the Jo Malone one quickly sold out and became a collector’s holy grail. (When it got reissued in February, it also quickly sold out)  Now that I have “Sakura Cherry Blossom,” I ask myself, is the idea of it better than the actual perfume? Perhaps. This scent opens fantastically: the rose/freesia combination makes for a great cherry blossoms accord. But I have worn this twice now, and both times it just disappeared too quickly. Yes, I know it’s summertime, and today is a triple digit day, but surely it could have better projection/endurance? As much as I love Jo Malone, I really dislike that some of the scents are so fleeting: I have the same problem with its otherwise fantastic Wood Sage & Salt. So I am reserving a full rave until  I wear it in colder weather.