Unnecessarily (Movie Thoughts: The Spy Who Dumped Me)

large_spy-dumpedIf a movie doesn’t interest me at all, I avoid it at all costs, even if crowds of people like it. But sometimes, I do get into movies and ask myself why am I here? Ten minutes into ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me,’  I asked that question, and even after I left, I am still asking why I wasted my time and energy on it.  This movie is nothing more than an unnecessary everything. Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon play friends who get caught into some kind of espionage situation that’s never really fully explained – some mishmash about a data file. But then again, both actresses play cardboard characters. We know zilch about them so why should we care? Plus, one wonders why it is so violent – another unnecessary aspect – when it is supposed to be a comedy. But whatevs. This movie has already wasted two hours of my time, and I am not spending a minute more on it.