When It’s Just A Rose (Perfume Thoughts: In Full Bloom, Kate Spade)

image_5a86b25452c13I was at Ulta and saw the new release by Kate Spade, called In Full Bloom. I was interested because I had read that this perfume mirrors a “rose in full bloom.” And you know me, rose whore, always looking for the next hit. I saw on the press release that this has also notes of lemon and green tea, and I thought, it could be ‘refreshing.’

Spirtzed. No lemon, no tea. Just rose, maybe peony. This is a straight up floral, and in the first burst the effect was a lot more synthetic than I wanted it to be. And then it really does not develop much more, drying down to a nice, though tepid, rose. It’s nice, but that’s it. I can’t see myself buying this, but I don’t think I would be opposed to wearing it on an ‘easy breezy’ day.

One thing, though. I was wearing a white top and I accidentally spritzed this on my sleeve and the juice had a reddish pinkish tint that went on my shirt. I hope it gets out after laundry or I will be very very mad.

Smell Colorfully (Perfume Thoughts: Live Colorfully)

s1714245-main-heroI don’t know how it got there, but when I was sorting my samples I found one of ‘Live Colorfully’ by Kate Spade. I was attracted to the bottle, but it’s color and packaging shouted ‘fruity floral’ to me, and that’s the genre I most run away from, perfume wise. I read up on it and found it was developed with the help of Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi of Le Labo so my interest was piqued, naturally.

There is the initial blast of boozy floral which I didn’t dislike, for starters, then comes gardenia, the star of this show. I wish it wasn’t as generic a gardenia – it’s been scrubbed of any dirt from it, and we get the shampoo kind. Then some tropical notes come in – tiare? some eater lily? The perfume gives an ‘aquatic’ vibe but not of the Blue Water kind. Then some coconut water comes in, and the perfume settles into its character – a tropical clean gardenia floral. The drydown has vanilla, so it’s weighty. This perfume is more evening than daytime, I think as it paints very bluntly. I don’t dislike it, and for me it’s a great office scent – it’s a character perfume. I bet it will get a lot of compliments. It’s price point is okay – and the red bottle could be a good Monday scent for me on days I can’t decide.