The Jasmine Buds Have Bloomed The Way That Jasmine Will (Perfume Thoughts: Clair-Obscura, Keiko Mecheri)

16404In the neighborhood where I live now, there are a lot of gardens, and I am loving it because I never had this before (I previously lived in a concrete jungle, and then the desert) And I especially love the fragrant trees – there’s a jasmine tree that I pass by that gives me olfactory ecstasy whenever I pass it – pure sweet jasmine that never ceases to take my heart whenever I get a whiff.

I thought of that because today I am wearing Clair-Obscur by Keiko Mecheri. It’s funny because I put the perfume on right before leaving my apartment, and I let the scent linger because leaving. And then I pass by the jasmien tree, and guess what? It smelled identical. Clair-Obscur is a photographic copy of that smell, and it is just wonderful. It captures the bloom the jasmine. And there’s a light quality to this, and I know some people have described the scent as night blooming. To me, it has a dewness of jasmine in the morning.

That said, I wish this had better longevity and sillage. It is barely a whisper, and I had to continually smell my shirt in order for me to catch it. Also, I read that this is the ‘reincarnation’ of her older scent just called ‘Jasmine’? I have that one in storage, and now I need to compare it. Perhaps I have this already!

Just Jasmine (Perfume Thoughts: Jasmine, Keiko Mecheri)

o-2713I can’t get enough of floral perfumes lately, and I think this is old age’s fault. ┬áToday I am wearing a floral shirt so I searched for something as suitably-floral as my scent for the day. I see my neglected bottle of Keiko Mecheri Jasmine and though why not, this could be perfect. On a mid Fall day like today this is quite a good choice – the sun makes the jasmine note bloom, and the cool-ish air doesn’t saturate the indolic note usually one gets with jasmine. But no, the jasmine note in here is soft and pretty anyway – it’s full but never overpowering, and the shampoo-like accord keeps things in check. On one hand, one can say that this could be filed under “boring soliflore” category, and you may be right – there’s nothing more than just jasmine. But some days that is all you want and need. Keiko Mecheri may have agreed with the first nation, because the perfume has now been released under a new name, Clair Obscura. That’s fine and well, for it will make my older bottle vintage and more collectible.