Her Affair (Movie Thoughts: Below Her Mouth)

below-her-mouth-posterI cannot remember the last film I saw where there was such explicit lesbian sex and in ‘Below Her Mouth’ there’s plenty of it. And much of it is pretty hot, even for me. But ask me anything else about the film and I don’t think I can tell you much else. Perhaps because there isn’t really much there. Jasmine (Natalie Krill) is engaged and on a weekend when her fiancĂ© is away, she has a torrid affair with Dallas (Erika Linder) and well, you can just pretty much imagine what happens after that. The film, supposedly made by all women (April Mullens is the director and Stephanie Fabrizi wrote the screenplay) has a very soft and stylish appeal, and you can see there is a lot of tender care there, but I wish it just had a little bit more substance. The acting veers almost towards parody, so it doesn’t help, though I should say Linder has magnetic screen presence (perhaps because she is a model) and I hope she keeps on acting. Even with these reservations, though, I am glad this film exists, for visibility.