Reality Stinks (Perfume Thoughts: So Real, Moschino Cheap and Chic)

P32408497What’s in a bottle? If you look at the case of Mochino Cheap and Chic’s So Real, it says a lot. Look to the left and you either are enamored by it, or think it’s the ugliest thing out there. I don’t mind it – it’s certainly kitsch and I have similar looking bottles, and I think I have the solid colored one from the same line.

But how does it smell? Well, in line with its name, it smells cheap – your generic synthetic smelling floral, the sugary kind. I don’t get any floral here, really, but the notes say pink peony and white petals. I get generic citrus, which could be anything and everything…amounting to nothing. It’s gone in an instant, too. But then again, it is literally cheap – you can get a bottle at discount sites for almost nothing. So should this exist?

As Fresh As Windex (Perfume Thoughts: Moschino Fresh)

mfc-sLet’s not fool ourselves – we really want Moschino Fresh because of its bottle.  It’s in the shape of a Windex bottle, so there’s humor and irony in it instantly. If you saw it on someone’s vanity table, you would do a double-take. Is that what you use to clean the mirror, or is it one of your perfumes? The joke is on you and me, haha. Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott wanted to elevate ‘the most mundane of household cleaners,’ and fronted Supermodel Linda Evangelista for the campaign. Of course, the perfume collector in me just had to have it, and last Christmas, someone gave it to me so I finally do have this. To be honest, I was expecting the worst juice – at this point, does it really matter, right? I own ‘This Is Not A Toy’ from the same house, and while the teddy bear packaging of that is also fun and whimsical, I don’t think I ever wore that scent ever, as bad and generic as it was.

Surprisingly, Fresh is not that bad on first spritz. It starts with a quite interesting raspberry note that is fresh and kind of fun, but it disappears quite quickly to give way to a generic woodsy fruity floral that’s generic – your basic undefined woods and some kind of pink floral – nothing you haven’t smelled before. I think it would have been more revolutionary if they had concocted a scent inspired by the actual smell of Windex, but that might be too much for a commercial brand like Moschino.  So the verdict? If you liek the bottle, buy it, but don’t expect to love and wear the juice. No surprises here.