The High Citrus (Perfume Thoughts: Elysium, Roja)

375x500.46296Roja Elysium, it cannot be denied, is a great scent. It’s an aromatic citrus, and the grapefruit heart is very appealing. And if you are one of those people who likes their scent fresh and ‘masculine’ smelling, then this one is definitely for you. The quality of the fragrance is stellar, and on my skin, it’s a nice skin scent, quiet but effective.

But it’s not for me, for a couple of different reasons. First, the price is astronomical. Second, I don’t see anything unique in here that warrants that price. I can think of ten other masculine-leaning fragrances at my local Macy’s that would not be dissimilar to this scent. And I am a practical Virgo, so if I were to bang the buck for anything, it better knock my socks off.

The Promise of Spring Flowers (Perfume Thoughts: Elixir, Roja Dove)

990659425Ah, the house of Roja Dove. To me, it is the modern day equivalent of Creed. This house makes very nice perfumes, and they are very expensive. I don’t think I have ever written about a scent from this house before, because… I can’t even bother. At $300 (and higher) a bottle, I cannot justify the price. I have to love something so much for me to pay that price, and the one or two scents of theirs I have sniffed have not made me feel that way. But here we are. Neiman Marcus sent me a sample of their newest fragrance, ‘Elixir,’ and since we don’t go out anymore, I might as well sample the scent on a random Wednesday night.

It is beautiful – a bright floral. It has a rose heart and some fruits on top – peach and raspberry I think. Then a bunch of flowers join the party – I get some violets and lily of the valley among others. It doesn’t matter. It is expertly blended and this is one of those springy perfumes – it sings and soars. I can see people wearing this to Easter Services and brunch afterwards. Do I like it? Yes, very much so. Am I in love with it? Well, yes, but I do not love it enough to pay for its price. I mean, it’s a fruity floral – a gorgeous one, but for three hundred smackaroos I want my perfume to do a song and dance. So… no sale.