Bored Brine (Movie Thoughts: An American Pickle, HBO Max)

animpOy. Brandon Trost’s ‘An American Pickle’ started out pretty well. I was starting tp get on-board with the time travel idea and I had to admit Seth Rogan was pretty charming in his dual role, as Herschel, who get transported to modern times after being stuck in pickle brine for one hundred years; and as Ben, the mobile app developer millennial who meets his great grandfather. Then the movie turns into a movie with sophomoric trick trying to get cheap laughs, and I started to dislike both characters. Bu then the film kind of lost my interest, and I started to scroll my Instagram feed. It’s a shame, too, because it held such promise, and all of what happens after just bored me – the only thing that perked me up after was the post credit scene between the two men watching Barbra Streisand’s  film ‘Yentl.’  To me this was a wasted opportunity.

Love Is Long (Movie Thoughts: Long Shot)

lsThe romantic comedy lives on in ‘The Long Shot.’  Directed by Jonathan Levine, this movie made me laugh, fall in love, and gave me this big smile to carry out as I left the cinema. And honestly, I cannot remember the last time that happened. Romance movies are best when you see two characters you love fall in love with each other, and that certainly happens here, even if the idea of these two people together is improbable. It doesn’t hurt that we get two great performances from Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan (playing Charlotte and Fred) While Rogan’s character is essentially a character that is a variation of every other character he has played on screen, he still sells it quite well, and he makes a nice lovable and fuzzy Jewish bear. But Theron astounded me – so down to earth and funny that her Charlotte Field is immediately so relateable and funny even as she plays such a larger than life figure – I mean, the youngest Secretary of State who is in line to be the next female President!

lssEven though the last quarter of it kind of fizzled for me – I wasn’t totally on board with a lot of the crudeness it went to – I still think this is a very worthwhile watch. And I kind of do understand why it went there – to get the male audience on board with this.  I guess I just need to get on board with how the romantic comedy is evolving. But it is still nice to see a movie where adults fall in love, and do not compromise when they make decisions for it. The adults in this film may sometimes act like children, but really, who am I to judge?