The Next Hit (Short Film Thoughts: Just Past Noon on a Tuesday)

jpnShort films, like short stories work best if they portray a specific time, a slice of life, and my favorite type – if i conveys that brilliant moment of two ships passing in the night. The set up of ‘Just Past Noon on a Tuesday’ by Travis Matthews is promising: two guys meet after their mutual hook-up partner dies. It can show how two people can connect in a  short period, and how that moment can be fleeting once they separate. But this film doesn’t deliver – it’s just short of a porn scene, and I didn’t really feel emotional connection between the two characters, and that is the most important element necessary in a story like this. This felt like two drug addicts looking for a next hit – just not my kind of people.

What’s New (Short Film Thoughts: Something New)


I loved Ben Baur in ‘Hunting Season’  and I think he has great charm as an actor so I promised to support his projects. He was great in the movie version of ‘Something Like Summer’ and I know he has been traveling the gay film festival circuit with his short ‘Something New.’  Directed by TH Marchbank, Baur here plays a gay man stuck with his ex. He has been replaced by a pretentious twat, and he has been hooking up with a FWB he met through Grindr. When that friend asks him for a date, he freezes and doesn’t know how to answer. We all know they are good for each other. Baur is great here, showing great comedic (and physical) timing and he really is a someone who lights up the screen whenever he is on. This short is funny, and will make you want more.