Living Single (Television Thoughts: SMILF)

9e8226482e5cb624318c353731c71164SMILF is a woman-centric show. It was created and stars Frankie Shaw as Bridget, a single mom struggling to balance everything in her life. She has her baby-daddy who is kind of there, but mostly not, and she has to deal with her mom (Rosie O Donnell) who is eccentric in her own right – kind of a Jewish mother but Italian-Catholic. Set in South Boston, Bridget is always scrounging for cash, and we find out she was a New York struggling actress once (She appeared in Law and Order)

There’s a lot of underscore here – perhaps Bridget is a little bitter about what might been, but at the same time we see how dedicated she is to her son. She behaves badly at times – she takes home an ex for sex in her house while her son is sleeping, or she sleeps with a college student she was just tutoring a year before. But she has a heart of gold. While Bridget is definitely written three dimensionally, I wish it wasn’t in a manner as cliched. Going back to O’Donnell, she is perfectly cast her, and nice to see her doing more in a comedic role,

But maybe because of Rosie, though surely not because of her, I think the show is very gay – well, gay woman skewing anyway. there’s a lot of sapphic touches – the woman Bridget works for (Connie Britton) is a closeted lesbian, and at one point even propositions her for a threesome with her husband. And there are too many references to vagina, and even more scenes of Bridget and her penis envy tendencies.

Five episodes in, I wouldn’t necessarily say I am hooked, but I am certainly interested. I hope this interest does not wane, as I have high hopes for this show to succeed.