Oh Becky! (Television Thoughts: The Real World Homecoming Episode 2, Paramount Plus)

After watching the second episode of The Real World: Homecoming, the first thing I can say is: Oh Becky, you should know better than to fall into the trap. You came into the first season not knowing the effects of being in a reality show, but now, really, you should know better. Of course, someone will try to create drama when you guys are back in the loft. Did you really think that they would leave you all there, all good vibes and kum ba yah? Of course not, even Jose Feliciano could see it coming, when they started to play that old clip of you and Kevin arguing from 1992. For sure, nothing much has changed, but surely you are older and wiser, right?

But then again, maybe I should be glad you fell into this trap, because it just made watching the show a hundred times better. The ‘nostalgia’ of seeing you all together would surely wear off, and we needed this to spice things up! And really, you guys ar3e still watchable thirty years later.

What’s Real, For Real (Television Thoughts: The Real World Homecoming S01 E01, Paramount Plus)

I am a child of the very first ‘Real World.’ I watched it and was obsessed with it, and saw these episodes over and over when it originally aired on MTV in 1992. It was a revolutionary show that changed the landscape of television as we know it now. felt like I knew these people, that these were my friends. I used to pass by that building on Broadway and Prince Street where they shot the show and looked at it longingly – and devoured everything I could see and read about this case.

So of course I would be on board with ‘The Real World Homecoming’ (streaming now on Paramount Plus) which is their first complete reunion since the 90s. And they all seem to be there, all seven of them, with a little twist – Eric Nies contracyted Covid shortly before the started filming, and is in a New York hotel room not far from the loft.

First, I have to admit I got teary-eyed when I saw all of them together. It’s all nostalgia, and the producers milked this – back to back shots of the cast arriving then and now – there’s so much flashback from the original footage to hammer the fact that you remember and knew them before. And the ‘where are they now’ stories emerge. Julie is married with teenaged kids, Kevin works for CNN, Andre has a daughter, Heather B brings booze. It’s all heady and nice, for now, just like the first episode when it first started. But you know, people top being polite at some point, and there will be fireworks.

I can’t wait.