Oh Sun (Perfume Thoughts: Eau de Soleil Blanc, Tom Ford)

375x500.48152Tom Ford’s ‘Eau de Soleil Blanc’ is a nice beachy scent, and you know I am all about the beach scents. This has a bit of coconut, some florals with it, some citrus, that nice orange blossom and they are all blended well in a cologne-like fragrance but is heavier. It’s nice, and pretty, and has that ‘solar note’ that I seem to be smelling a lot lately – this is a lighter take on his Soleil Blanc fragrance from his Private Collection.

But is it worth the price? Off the top of my head, I can think of several other perfumes that smell similar if not very close to this. Sure, this is nice, but it is hardly the most unique and exclusive smell.  Or am I just being bitter because I think Tom Ford scents are expensive (for what they are)

The F Smell (Perfume Thoughts: Fucking Fabulous, Tom Ford Private Collection)

fabuEver the provocateur, Tom Ford has named a fragrance ‘Fucking Fabulous.’  Apparently, that’s what someone said when they were testing the product, and it stuck. Ford said, sure why don’t we name it that, and initially, this was a limited edition fragrance that came with the invitation for his fashion show September last year. I know around this time past year this became available at his stores, but I had already been in the midst of my life-changing year then, so I never had the chance to sample. I thought, with all this whirlwind in my life, do I really need ‘Fucking fabulous’?

I didn’t, and I probably still don’t. This is kind of standard Tom Ford Private Collection fare. It is not entirely unique. It’s very well made, as all Tom Fords are, and  its burst of leather almond opening certainly catches one attention. But I have never really been an almond fan, so I was a little lukewarm with it. As it settles into the heart, tonka bean oil comes up, and we get that plastic, playdoh accord.I don’t dislike it, but I’ve smelled it before. It stays there , and it stays strong, as I would consider this scent in the stealth category. In the end, I don’t like it enough for its price point. Although, admittedly, its name attracts me to get it just for that fact.

And since we are talking about prices what i up with Tom Ford Private Collection being available everywhere? everywhere I turn it’s available – Nordstrom, even Bloomingdales. It certainly doesn’t speak well for the exclusivity of the brand for it to be popping up in all the familiar places. I doubt is Ford is happy about that.

I Smell Fish (Perfume Thoughts, Oud Minerale, Tom Ford)

26153382-1794I am still on a Tom Ford kick, still on a ‘high,’ about it. So as to not lose the high, I opted to spray one of his newer releases. ‘Oud Minerale.’  I got a free 10 ML of this from my Tom Ford SA at Nordstrom, because she said it was a very interesting release and she was sure I would love it. That got me doubly excited about it.

Tom Ford does marine aquatic in Oud Minerale, and it is most unique in the most Tom Ford way. The first burst of spritz? It smelled like – the sea. Like the actual sea – the sea water, the seaweeds, the salty scent of it all . And it almost made me puke. It reminded me of a fishy smell, and maybe because I just had grilled fish for dinner? This actually churned my stomach a bit, and it stayed that way on my skin.  Could it be that there is now, finally, a Tom Ford Private Collection release that I despise?

I gave it a little more time, and my disappointment did not dissipate. As a collector, I see its value – a scent that will probably polarize people and I really should include it on my wardrobe. But, in all honestly, I cannot see myself wearing this. The initial fishy smell gave way to a fishy smell with warm woords (the oud, synthetic smelling here) It’s akin to putting fish on velvet – nicer presentation but still fish. I am close to trying to scrub this off my skin.

Coco Pine (Perfume Thoughts: Vert d’Encens, Tom Ford Private Collection)

375x500.40087For me, the only question when I am trying out a new Tom Ford Private Collection perfume, is not if I will like it, but how much will I.  Because let’s face it, most perfumes I don’t like are the ones who bore me, and Tom Ford never does – there’s always something there that’s interesting, and even if I know it smells like something else, he always puts something in there that either elevates it, or makes it turn somewhere else. And I always always want them, although we do know in life we can never get everything we want.

And I love Vert D’Encens, truly. What strikes me most about it is that it reminds me of Christmas, because it smells like a combination of chocolate and pine, and almost always at Holiday time those two are entwined in my life.

The scent starts in the forest, with some smoked woods, and some smoked leaves, and pine. Lots of lotsof pine. I remember there was a year I was selling fresh wreaths for charity and I overdosed on pine scents – the real one, not Lysol – and to this day whenever I get pine, I go back to that time in my life (there were other significant things happening in my life then, of course) So this initially brought me back then, but then a rich dark coco note comes in, and those two intermingle seamlessly, and as I sniff myself just right now, all I could think of is chocolate covered pine. There’s a certain melancholy feel to this perfume – it’s somewhat somber, and definitely heavy, but it is also very subtle, and personal – it’s a little bit of a wallflower, and doesn’t really project. I can even imagine what I would wear with this – a tweedy something or a corduroy jacket perhaps. It skews more gentlemanly, and I feel like can only be smelled by someone close to the wearer.

I am glad I tested this now, because I feel like this would be the perfect Holiday scent for me.

Splash (Perfume Thoughts: Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford)

nd.12192Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is really, essentially, just an eau de cologne. It smells like your basic toilet water version that’s been done enough and well before. So what’s makes this Tom Ford creation special? Is it the abundance of neroli that creeps up on you after the drydown? Perhaps it is, but there’s something very bright, sprightly, citrusy thing here that is very joyful. There’s a yellow in the greens, and the repackaged blue Tom Ford signature bottle just exudes freshness, cleanliness, a splash of cool water in the summer heat. While I experience triple digit temperatures in the desert right now, I find myself always reaching for this. Somehow I feel like the sun is not as harsh, the heat not as blazing. I am and have always been a victim of marketing.

Summer Whites (Perfume Thoughts: Orchid Soleil, Tom Ford Signature)

nd.38650I wish I were very rich that  could afford to collect all the Tom Ford fragrances both in his Signature and Private Collection. As a designer house with regards to scents, his is close to perfection. I really cannot even think of one fragrance of his I dislike. Sure I like some more than others (Tobacco Vanille is greater than Sahara Noir, for example) but even the lesser ones are above and beyond some of the niche offerings out there.

So, Orchid Soleil. This was released earlier in teh summer, and I am just sniffing it now, and I wish I had discovered this earlier because it is a great summer scent, in the most unexpected way. How does it smell like?

Pretend you just put on Fracas, and some gardenia scented lotion, chewed some bubble gum, and then you walked to the beach, put on some sun tan lotion, and laid out in the sun.

This is a white floral – gardenia, lily, tuberose and tuberose and tuberose – but somehow the floral doesn’t explode or bomb – there is that sun tan lotion note that keeps it contained,  and there’s just a bit of vanilla to make it smell kind of gourmand-y, and there’s that orchid note. It’s a well blended white flower scent that is unusually soft, and is great on a beachy summer night, or a city summer dinner, or a smoky rooftop party. But wait, there’s more – I think this would even be lovelier in the fall, the lower temperature will make this feel more gauzy, like that feeling of summer ending, and looking forward to the change in season. I love it so much that the reckless part of me wanted to get it right away when I sniffed it at Sephora today. Luckily, the practical Virgo in me told myself to wait, as I know I can probably get this cheaper somewhere else. Or even better – this would be a great Birthday gift for me, so is anyone listening?