Summer Whites (Perfume Thoughts: Orchid Soleil, Tom Ford Signature)

nd.38650I wish I were very rich that  could afford to collect all the Tom Ford fragrances both in his Signature and Private Collection. As a designer house with regards to scents, his is close to perfection. I really cannot even think of one fragrance of his I dislike. Sure I like some more than others (Tobacco Vanille is greater than Sahara Noir, for example) but even the lesser ones are above and beyond some of the niche offerings out there.

So, Orchid Soleil. This was released earlier in teh summer, and I am just sniffing it now, and I wish I had discovered this earlier because it is a great summer scent, in the most unexpected way. How does it smell like?

Pretend you just put on Fracas, and some gardenia scented lotion, chewed some bubble gum, and then you walked to the beach, put on some sun tan lotion, and laid out in the sun.

This is a white floral – gardenia, lily, tuberose and tuberose and tuberose – but somehow the floral doesn’t explode or bomb – there is that sun tan lotion note that keeps it contained,¬† and there’s just a bit of vanilla to make it smell kind of gourmand-y, and there’s that orchid note. It’s a well blended white flower scent that is unusually soft, and is great on a beachy summer night, or a city summer dinner, or a smoky rooftop party. But wait, there’s more – I think this would even be lovelier in the fall, the lower temperature will make this feel more gauzy, like that feeling of summer ending, and looking forward to the change in season. I love it so much that the reckless part of me wanted to get it right away when I sniffed it at Sephora today. Luckily, the practical Virgo in me told myself to wait, as I know I can probably get this cheaper somewhere else. Or even better – this would be a great Birthday gift for me, so is anyone listening?